chocolate box

Mini make: heart shaped chocolate box with PlastiKote spray paint

Here’s a really affordable and easy make for your loved one on Valentine’s day –  or indeed on any day! Spray a maché heart shaped box (Hobbycraft) or an old tin or box that you wish to recycle with PlastiKote spray paint. We used Fast Dry Enamel in Red Metallic, a lovely rich red but you could also use Twist & Spray Bright Red Gloss or Real Red Satin. We applied a paper heart motif to the lid to add interest. Fill the tin with chocolates, their favourite sweets, mementoes of a special day or little love notes. Much more personal and thoughtful than shop-bought!


choc box 2

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Primer- feature pic

Top tips: priming your project with PlastiKote spray paint

Many of our spray paints don’t require a primed surface but our top tip this month is to prime your project if it is to be in everyday use. PlastiKote spray paint has developed a wide range of different primers to make sure your project is fully prepared.

Anything that is going to be used frequently eg items of furniture, will benefit from a coat of primer first as it gives added adhesion and durability.


Priming wooden table with PlastiKote Twist & Spray Primer

Priming wooden table with PlastiKote Twist & Spray Primer


We also find that coverage is even better when a coat of primer is applied, especially with our water-based paints.

Bare wood, MDF and terracotta should always be primed. Of course, your colour spray paint will adhere without priming but wood, MDF and terracotta will soak the paint up and you will use a lot more spray paint.


Terracotta pots being primed in Twist & Spray Primer in White

Terracotta pots being primed in Twist & Spray Primer in White


Primer also gives a helping hand when spraying onto metal. Our metal primers also fight rust and offer protection from corrosion.


Priming metal railings with PlastiKote Metal Primer in Red Oxide

Priming metal railings with PlastiKote Metal Primer in Red Oxide




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mini make cover pic

Mini makes: jam jar tea light holders with PlastiKote spray paint

Use up leftover PlastiKote spray paint to make pretty tea light holders for the festive period and beyond! Elastic bands were wrapped around these little jars before they were sprayed with leftover Metallics in Copper, Brushed Nickel, Gold and Silver. When thoroughly dry, the elastic bands were removed to leave a pattern of lines. Drop in a tea light and finish with a ribbon.


mini make inside 1


The same method was applied with this fishbowl glass vase.


mini make fish bowl


Please be careful with candles! Always be candle safe!


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Mini make cover pic

Mini make: tin advent calendar with Plastikote spray paint

Have a go at making your own advent calendar this year using tin cans and PlastiKote spray paint.

This is a great way of using up leftover spray paint. Spray 24 clean tin cans, paint or write on numbers 1 to 24, fill with a sweet treat or small gift and cover with tissue held on with ribbon or an elastic band. Looks fabulous stacked or lined up on a staircase. Or why not hide them round the house and make it a treasure hunt every day?


Mini make interior pic

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Ghosts 2

Mini make: Halloween ghosts with PlastiKote spray paint

Here’s a really quick and easy leaf make for Halloween using PlastiKote spray paint. Take a can of Fast Dry Enamel white spray paint (or any leftover white spray paint) and spray dried sycamore leaves or similar. Allow to dry before adding eyes with a black marker. A simple Halloween decoration done in a flash! You could also use PlastiKote’s Glow in the Dark for a spectacular effect in the dark!


Ghosts interior


For more Halloween ideas visit our special Halloween Pinterest page here.

Want to know more about PlastiKote spray paint? Visit our website here for more inspirational project ideas!


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Catering tins project cover pic

Mini make: upcycle catering tin cans with PlastiKote spray paint

Besides feeding lots of people, here’s another great reason to buy catering-size cans of food – they make fantastic planters! It’s also a great way of using up leftover PlastiKote spray paint.

Make sure the cans are  clean and dry before applying a couple of coats of Twist & Spray Colour. They’ll last all summer and, if you take them in over the winter, you can plant them up next spring. Here’s some of our ideas – if you also like our tin can bug in the final picture you can find out how to make it here.


Catering tins project interior pic


Catering cans project interior shot 2

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mini make feature pic

Mini makes: Wedding favour jars with PlastiKote spray paint

These wedding favours jars are so easy to make and PlastiKote spray paint offers a wide range of colours to complement your wedding scheme. We got the glass jars from Hobbycraft but you can pick up similar ones in many kitchen and craft shops. Choose one or more colours from PlastiKote’s Twist & Spray Colour range to match the wedding’s theme and spray the lids. Fill the jars with sweets, chocs, homemade pickle, jams, mini eggs for an Easter wedding, chocolate snowballs for a Christmas one – there’s so much to choose from! When the lids are completely dry, pop them back on the jars. Finish with a ribbon or raffia bow. Your guests will be delighted!


wedding favours 2


For more great wedding day ideas using PlastiKote spray paint click here to go to our Wedding Inspiration board on Pinterest.

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fluorescent cover pic

Mini makes: summer dining ideas from PlastiKote spray paint

We’re starting to think about alfresco dining now that it seems summer is finally here! Bright fluorescents look fab on a summer table and it’s easy and affordable to do with PlastiKote spray paint. Spray paper doilies with the Fluorescent colour of your choice and allow to dry. Instant table mats that look stunning – inside or out.


place mats


A terracotta pot sprayed with Fluorescent makes a great centerpiece and so useful for cutlery, napkins, even to carry the condiments out to the barbecue! Our top tip for terracotta is to use Twist & Spray Primer as terracotta is very porous.


Napkin holder


Want to know more? Head over to our Pinterest page ‘Garden Glory‘ for step by step pictures on spray painting a terracotta pot and other great outdoor ideas.

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