vw camper-split van's long flame cover pic

Reader project: artist Olivier Jamin

With thanks to artist Olivier Jamin who recently sent us some pictures of his work in which he uses Valspar spray paint. Olivier describes himself below:

I am a deaf contemporary artist who specialises in hand drawn multi-coloured art, using stencils, mixed media and pens, pencils, paints, and spray pant. My aim is to produce work that combines the effect of colours and patterns and raise people’s imagination and awareness through my  own life experience and in particular my deafness, travels, dreams, colours and ideas. I am well known in mainstream communities around the UK and amongst the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community.

The main picture is called VW Camper -Split Van’s Long Flame. More of his pictures are reproduced below.


Reach my hands insert                     Spiral World of Hands insert

Reach My Hands                                                          Spiral World of Hands


You can see more of Olivier’s work at www.ojart.net.

If you’ve completed a project or use spray paint in your work, we’d love to see some pictures! If it’s a project, do include a ‘before’ picture. Send to info@spraypaintideas.co.uk. If we feature your work we will send you cans of spray paint for your next project as a thank you.