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How to: PlastiKote spray paint – New Year, New Colours

Introducing the latest addition to the PlastiKote spray paint family – Matt Classic Teal, Dusty Coral, Duck Egg Blue, French Grey and Satin Lime Green in the Twist & Spray Colour range. They work beautifully together or can be used individually to update items around the home – spray frames, vases, lamp stands, chairs, almost anything! Available in 400ml cans, it’s an affordable way to add a splash of colour or keep up with the trend.

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If you’re a spray paint novice, PlastiKote Twist & Spray Colour paint is a great product to start you on your spraying journey. It’s easy to use, quick to dry and can be applied to almost any surface. And no annoying brush strokes!

Here’s a super simple project that anyone can do.

You will need:

Belly baskets

Dust sheets/newspaper

PlastiKote Twist & Spray Colour (we used Classic Teal, Dusty Coral and Lime Green)

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As we wanted to spray only the bottom half of our belly baskets, this set of three (from Amazon) were perfect as they came folded as in the picture above allowing them to be sprayed without having to mask any area. If you purchase some that aren’t folded, use masking tape and newspaper to mask off the area you don’t want sprayed.

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Apply the Twist & Spray Colour of your choice following instructions on the can. Make sure the basket is dry and clean before starting and use long, even strokes to build up the colour. It is recommended to build the layers rather than try to get an even coverage in one go. A project like this should only need two coats, allowing 15-30 minutes between each coat. The basket will be touch dry in under an hour.

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Allow to thoroughly dry before putting into use.

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Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to have a go. Share your ideas with us on Facebook or Instagram #plastikoteuk – we’d love to see them.

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