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Top tip: long-lasting pumpkins with PlastiKote spray paint

Traditional jack o’ lantern pumpkins look fabulous with their scary Halloween faces (Fascinating fact – did you know that the original jack o’lantern was not a pumpkin? The tradition was introduced to America by the Irish but pumpkins did not exist in Ireland – they carved turnips!).

If you have a look at our ‘How To’ section this month, you’ll see how we created faces on our pumpkins with PlastiKote spray paint – not particularly scary but you get the idea!

top tip2 Oct

For a more stylish decoration that will take you from October through to Christmas, pick up unusual pumpkins, squashes and gourds from your grocer and spray with Clear Sealer.

top tip5 Oct

Thoroughly covered, the pumpkins will be sealed and shouldn’t decay for a good few weeks. These were done in mid-October and were dispensed with to make way for Christmas decorations in December.

top tip6 Oct

They look stunning layered up in a rustic basket or as a centrepiece for an autumn dinner party.

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