Noughts an Crosses after 750 x 410

How to: garden noughts & crosses with PlastiKote Spray Paint

Turn your garden into an outdoor games room this summer with PlastiKote Spray Paint. Whether you want to play noughts and crosses, skittles or short tennis, it’s amazing what you can achieve with PlastiKote Garden Games! Here we show you how to create noughts and crosses.

You will need:

10 Flowerpot saucers – terracotta or plastic

Dustsheets or newspaper

Stencil if desired (make your own with a craft knife and cereal packet!)

PlastiKote Twist & Spray Colour in two colours

PlastiKote Garden Games


1 - Noughts and Crosses before   2 - Saucer being sprayed with PlastiKote Twist and Spray in Exotic Sea

3 - Pattern being sprayed with PlastiKote Twist and Spray in Real Red Satin   4 - Grass being sprayed with PlastiKote Garden Games


How to:

  • To make the counters, make sure the pot saucers are clean and dry.
  • In a well-ventilated area or preferably outside, prepare your spraying area by laying out newspaper or dustsheets.
  • Spray five saucers one colour and the other five the other colour. Apply a couple of fine coats, allowing 15-20 minutes between coats. They will be thoroughly dry in 2-3 hours.
  • If you want to, decorate with a complementary colour and your stencil.
  • Allow 24-48 hours for the paint to completely harden off.
  • Mark out your grid using the PlastiKote Garden Games.
  • PlastiKote Garden Games can be used on grass, concrete, tarmac or Astroturf and will wash away over time with the rain. Fast and direct to spray, it takes just 20 minutes to be completely dry. One can will spray about 40 metres of lines, so don’t just stop at noughts and crosses. Have your own back garden Wimbledon or Olympics and mark out a tennis court or running track!


     Composite after pic