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How to: make a kitchen chalkboard with PlastiKote spray paint

Add a stylish chalkboard to your kitchen using PlastiKote spray paint.

You will need:

MDF cut to size

Dust sheets/newspaper

PlastiKote Twist & Spray Primer in Black

PlastiKote Chalkboard



How to:

  • Measure the wall area you want to cover in the kitchen, and ask your DIY store to cut a piece of three quarter inch thick MDF to size. Sand the edges smooth.
  • Drill two holes, slightly larger than the width of your rope, in the top corners of the board.


How to step 1 and 2


how to step 3 and 4


  • Apply a single coat of Twist & Spray Black Primer, followed by several thin coats of Chalkboard until you have total coverage.
  • When the paint is dry, thread your rope through the holes, forming a loop at the back. Tie in large knots at the front to secure.
  • Always follow instructions on the can.


finished chalkboard full


Top tip:  For best results, allow the Chalkboard to thoroughly dry for 7 days before using chalk on it.

You could also try putting the chalkboard into a frame and spraying the frame to match your kitchen decor. Or how about taking some old plant pots or yoghurt pots and turning them into stylish herb containers?


2nd chalkboard

herb containers



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