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How to: upcycle a rain hopper with PlastiKote spray paint

Spring is finally here so it’s time to start thinking about the garden, outside planting and making sure your home is looking its best!  Here’s how to turn an old rain hopper into a stunning plant holder with PlastiKote spray paint to grace the outside of your home .


You will need:

Old rain hopper

Newspaper/dust sheets

PlastiKote Metal Protekt Primer

PlastiKote Twist & Spray Colour (we used Warm Grey Satin)


How to

  • Make sure the hopper is clean and dry, free from and rust and dirt.
  • Spread newspaper/dust sheets out in a well-ventilated working area or preferably outside.
  • Apply a couple of coats of Metal Protekt Primer, allowing 10-15 minutes between coats.
  • When the hopper is thoroughly dry, apply the Twist & Spray Colour. The hopper will be touch dry in 30-50 minutes and thoroughly dry in 2-3 hours.
  • Allow to harden off for 24-48 hours before planting up.


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