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Reader project: Metallic changes with PlastiKote spray paint

After the Christmas decorations have been put back in the attic, your house can feel a bit drab and uninspiring. An easy way to inject some colour or introduce a new accent into a colour scheme is to use PlastiKote spray paint.

Instagrammer Kaval, @1st_home_journey, has done just that, not because the house was drab – far from it – but because nothing was the right colour! Kaval explains:

“I recently purchased a property with my partner and needed to furnish the whole house. I kept finding furniture that was perfect but in the wrong colour! This happened repeatedly and I missed out on so many amazing pieces for the house because of it.


Whilst I was walking through The Range one day in search of wallpaper, I discovered PlastiKote! It was the copper coloured spray paint that initially caught my eye as I had been wanting a copper clock for a while.


Once I’d sprayed the clock from silver to copper so easily, I went on a bit of a spray painting frenzy and have ended up with four mirrors, two side tables and a clock that have all been sprayed from their original colour using PlastiKote!


Such a fantastic way to find amazing things for around the house when you know you can change the colour of them for less than a tenner!”


We’re delighted that Kaval has found PlastiKote spray paint and is a convert to the ease and affordability of recycling items around the home.

We really enjoy seeing the diverse mix of ideas and creations using PlastiKote spray paints. If you have a spray paint project you’d like to share with us, email info@spraypaintideas.co.uk. If we feature it on our blog, you’ll get some ‘thank you’ spray paints.

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