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Reader project: Naomi gets crafty with PlastiKote spray paint

Naomi (@gnowme) got in touch to show us her crafty make for a back to school project. She is a teacher and wanted to organise her resources into the days that she needed them. The box files she had were a bit boring so here she explains how she came to use PlastiKote spray paint for the first time and what she thinks of it!
“I haven’t used Plastikote before but I noticed it in the shop when looking for a tin of paint. I would have also needed to buy brushes to go with the paint so I decided a couple of cans of Plastikote would be better value for money and more fun to use!
reader project in blog 0a
To test the paint, I sprayed an empty glass moisturiser pot to make a little paperclip pot for my desk – the finish was perfectly smooth and glossy after just one coat of the spray.
reader project in blog 0
When starting the files, I found that the first 2 layers were absorbed into the wood very quickly but by the third layer, the surface started to look and feel nice and smooth (I’ve since learnt that it is best to prime bare wood to stop the colour soaking in!).
reader project in blog 2
Next, I used a permanent marker pen to bubble write the days of the week and decorate. To finish, I glued little lino printed paper stars on to decorate and I sprayed the folders with a clear glossy Plastikote to fix the pen and paper stars and give the files an even smoother finish.
reader project in blog 3
I was impressed with how easy it was to get a smooth finish and the coverage was super – nice and even with no gaps anywhere. They were not messy at all and dried very quickly without a lingering paint smell.”
It seems we have another fan and hope Naomi enjoys using her ‘thank you’ gift for sharing her project with us – some more PlastiKote spray paints!
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