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Top tip: find the key easily with PlastiKote spray paint

This top tip was passed on to us by a company that uses various padlocks in one area, all the same make, but with different keys. They tried using different fobs but inevitably not everyone could remember which one was which and would have to try each key until they found the right one.

padlocks before

Their ingenious solution was to use leftover PlastiKote spray paint in different colours to spray each lock and key to make it super easy to match them.

padlock spray painted red

These are the first two they did, spraying the key whilst in the lock to make it a really quick fix! The keys can be kept on the same keyring as there’s no mistaking which key goes with which lock – genius!

two sprayed padlocks

This idea could be used for any set of keys. Spray the top of a key to match a front door, garage door, filing cabinet, store cupboard, etc. Even if the locks are different, it makes it easy to see which one you need. It could be particularly helpful for an elderly person who may forget which key is used for what – colour code their key to match the colour of the door.