Featured PlastiKote Garden Colours - Sea View, Azalea, Light Blue

How to: NEW Garden colours from PlastiKote spray paint

Colourful Garden Pots

Introducing NEW Garden colours from PlastiKote spray paint. Available in 10 gorgeous matt colours, it can be used on wood, metal, plastic, stone and wicker, making it ideal for outdoor craft projects as well as furniture, planters and garden ornaments. With a water-based formulation and 90% less solvents, PlastiKote Garden paint is kinder to the home – and to the environment.

This month’s ‘how to’ is a quick and easy project to recycle those plastic pots that nursery plants come in – so much better than adding to landfill.

You will need:

Plastic pots

Dust sheets/newspaper or a garden cane

PlastiKote Garden spray paint

How to:

  • Make sure the pot is clean and dry.


1 - pots and crate before copy


  • Spread newspaper/dust sheets out in a well-ventilated working area or preferably outside. Or you could use our top tip of popping the pot to be sprayed on a garden cane stuck in the ground.

spraying pot

  • Apply a couple of fine layers of Garden spray paint in the colour of your choice, following instructions on the can.
  • Allow to thoroughly dry before potting up and displaying in your garden.

PlastiKote Garden Colours - Sea View, Azalea, Light Blue

For more ideas, check out our Garden Pinterest page.

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How to Plastikote chopping board front cover

How to: Chalkboard chopping board with PlastiKote spray paint

Chalkboard chopping board

Chalkboards are useful additions in the home, none more so than in the kitchen. We’ve made several over the years but this is a cute chopping board makeover using a chopping board from The Range and Chalkboard from PlastiKote spray paint that you can hang up or sit on the kitchen counter to jot down reminders for your shopping list or appointments.

You will need:

Chopping Board (ours is from The Range)

Dust sheets/newspaper

Masking tape

PlastiKote Chalkboard spray paint

PlastiKote Twist & Spray Primer


How to chopping board before



How to:


  • Make sure the board is clean and dry.
  • Spread newspaper/dust sheets out in a well-ventilated working area or preferably outside
  • We recommend priming bare wood because of its porous nature. Following instructions on the can, prime the board with PlastiKote Twist & Spray Primer.


how to step by step


  • When thoroughly dry, apply a couple of layers of PlastiKote Chalkboard spray paint. You can re-coat at anytime.
  • Allow to dry. The board will be touch dry in 2-3 hours but allow 7 days before using chalk on it.


How to Plastikote chopping board interior


Here are a couple of other projects for the kitchen using PlastiKote Chalkboard spray paint.


how to herb and spice pots

These cute spice jars are a great way of using up leftover Chalkboard spray paint.

how to chalkboard placemat

Recycle old place mats with a can of Chalkboard spray paint. Great for place names at a dinner party or keeping the children amused between courses.

For more ideas, check out our Chalkboard Pinterest page here. If you want to find out more about PlastiKote Chalkboard spray paint, go to our website here.

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easter jars front cover pic best

How to: Easter treat jars with PlastiKote spray paints

Easter treat jars

What is nicer than a homemade gift, whether it’s for a Easter, a birthday or just to say you care? These cute little jars made with PlastiKote spray paint could be adapted for any occasion.

You will need:

Glass jar

Small pine drawer knob

Masking tape

PlastiKote Fast Dry Enamel spray paint

Decorative washi tape


easter jars before


How to:

  • Clean the glass jar and lid with soapy water and allow to thoroughly dry.
  • Using a hot glue gun, stick the pine knob to the lid of the jar. Leave to dry.
  • Mask the jar so that you have a strip around the middle to spray.
  • Following instructions on the can, spray the jar and the lid. Two fine layers are better than one thick one.


easter jars 2 and 3


  • Allow to thoroughly dry. The paint will be touch dry in under an hour and thoroughly dry in 2-3 hours.
  • Apply a strip of decorative washi tape to add interest to the jar.
  • Fill with sweet treats for a pretty, personal gift at Easter or anytime.


EAster jars after end of piece


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how to front cover pic

How to: gifts from a heart shaped stencil and PlastiKote spray paint

A handmade gift is always much appreciated and never more so than on February 14th! But don’t just make it on Valentine’s Day – our gifts, from a heart shaped stencil and PlastiKote spray paint are made with love for any day of the year…


heart jars


To make a Valentine’s vase, tealight holder or gift jar, you will need:


Glass jar, bottle, vase

Cardboard with double sided tape OR Large sticky label

PlastiKote spray paint: in our projects we used Stained Glass, Glass Frosting and Metallic Silver


heart jar 4


How to:

  • Make sure the jar, bottle or vase is clean and dry.
  • Draw a heart shape on the cardboard or label and cut out.
  • Stick the heart to the jar.
  • Apply the spray paint following instructions on the can.
  • When dry, carefully remove the heart shape to reveal the clear heart underneath.



heart jar 2

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chalk feature pic

How to: the ultimate chalky finish with PlastiKote Chalk spray paint

Introducing Chalk spray paint, the most recent addition to the PlastiKote spray paint range.

With a flat chalky finish, Chalk spray paint is ideal for recycling old furniture or giving a vintage look to something more modern. There are seven heritage colours to choose from with three more being added in the Spring. You can also find out more about Chalk on the PlastiKote website here.


Chalk colours: Dark Hessian , Old Hessian, Pale Rose, Vintage White, Pastel Green, Frost Blue, Caffe Espresso

Chalk colours: Dark Hessian , Old Hessian, Pale Rose, Vintage White, Pastel Green, Frost Blue, Caffe Espresso


PlastiKote Chalk spray paints small


You can use one colour over another and then gently rub back to reveal both layers. Or spray Chalk over Gold or Silver in the new Leaf spray paints and then lightly rub back to give an aged look.



Leaf spray paint in Gold and Silver

Leaf spray paint in Gold and Silver


Here’s a picture of one of our favourite projects in Chalk – a cabinet sprayed in Pale Rose.


cabinet inside


How to:

  1. Give the cabinet a light sanding to give a good key for the Chalk paint.
  2. Make sure the cabinet is clean and all dust from the sanding is removed by wiping with a damp cloth and allowing to dry,
  3. When completely dry, use Twist & Spray Primer to give a light base coat all over. This will increase coverage, adhesion and durability.
  4. Following the instructions on the can, apply Chalk. It’s really important to shake the can for the stated 3 minutes before spraying to ensure the paint mixes well. We recommend shaking the can regularly throughout the spraying process and particularly in between coats.
  5. The paint will be dry in two to three hours but allow the paint on the cabinet to completely Harden off for 48-72 hour before using.


Here are a few more Chalk projects we’ve been working on over the last few months:


Bathroom caddy in Chalk Frost Blue. Key cabinet in Chalk Vintage White

Bathroom caddy in Chalk Frost Blue. Key cabinet in Chalk Vintage White


Sewing box in Chalk Caffe Espresso. Stool in Chalk Pastel Green

Sewing box in Chalk Caffe Espresso. Stool in Chalk Pastel Green




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Cover. step by step PlastiKote Christmas Leaf Place Setting 22 for FB

How to: stylish Christmas table place settings with PlastiKote spray paint

When your guests arrive for festive food, avoid the confusion and the calls of ‘where shall I sit?’ with some stylish, affordable table place settings. All with a little bit of help from PlastiKote spray paint!

If you have a large amount to do or are spraying other items for Christmas, use 400ml Twist & Spray (T&S) Colour or 400ml Metallic spray paint. For a small amount, a can of Fast Dry Enamel (FDE) 100ml goes a long way and is easily affordable at around £4.

We sprayed a large ivy leaf in Flat White (FDE) and then threaded a luggage label on the stem. Simple, stylish and very effective.




Fruit is another useful resource at Christmas. Choose not quite ripe apples or pears to spray – with a full coat, they will last a good couple of weeks. This pear has been sprayed with FDE Gold Leaf.


step by step pear


Pine cones are easily transformed into place name holders. A light spritz of white (T&S or FDE) makes them look like they’ve been brought in from the snow! A spritz of PlastiKote Glitter spray paint will make them look frosty.


cones step by step


This sycamore leaf looks stunning on a plain white plate. Sprayed with Metallic Copper (T&S or FDE), it has a lovely warm sheen. Use a marker to write the name.


step by step polly leaf


This place setting is one for the kids (big and small!). A sprayed cone with a name card, a festive doily (sprayed in FDE Gold Leaf) and a favours jar. The jar is a recycled sauce jar, cleaned thoroughly, a small wooden ornament hot glued to the lid and the the lid sprayed. T&S Bright Red Gloss was used to achieve this very festive setting.


red cone place setting

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How to front cover

How to: create clever storage with PlastiKote Spray Paint

With guests descending and a house full to bursting of all the extras that appear at Christmas, some extra storage is always useful. We’ve come up with an affordable way to add some practical but pretty storage by using PlastiKote spray paint and wooden crates, either bought from hobby stores or recycled old wine boxes.

A crate filled with toiletries, a flannel and towel is a great idea to put in your guest room. Spray them bright colours and use to store some of those toys that might remain untouched once Santa has been. A colourful crate on the windowsill filled with herbs is not only decorative but useful. Or why not fill with homemade goodies for a thoughtful gift for a loved one?


You will need

Wooden crate/old wine box

Fine sandpaper if upcycling an old box

PlastiKote Twist & Spray Primer

PlastiKote Twist & Spray Colour or Metallic spray paint


Step by Step

  • Spread newspaper/dust sheets out in a well-ventilated working area or preferably outside.
  • If upcycling a wine box, gently sand the surface to get rid of any rough bits.
  • Following instructions on the can, apply PlastiKote Twist & Spray Primer and allow to dry.
  • When dry, apply the PlastiKote Twist & Spray Colour or Metallic, of your choice – again following instructions on the can. They will be touch dry in 30-50 minutes and thoroughly dry in 2-3 hours.
  • Allow 36 hours for the paint to harden off completely before putting into use.
  • Fill! Here are a few of our ideas…


Children’s Tidy Crates

This is a great way to get children to tidy up! We sprayed the front of the crates in Chalkboard and the rest in April Green, Orange and Yellow Gloss. Let the children decide what they want to store in them!


Kid's crates


Guest Crate

This is a lovely way to present towels and toiletries for your guests. We used Twist & Spray in White Satin.


guest crate using White Satin Twist & Spray


Herb Crate

Bring colour into your kitchen with these fabulous herb containers. We used Twist & Spray in Hacienda Tile.


PlastiKote herb crate - Hacienda Tile Twist _ Spray

Christmas Gift Crate

Why not create your own special gift hampers this Christmas. Metallic sprays give a particularly luxurious finish. We used Metallic Copper.

Christmas gift box using MEtallic Copper

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Autumn things feature pics

How to: decorate for Autumn with PlastiKote spray paint

Although it’s sad to see the warm weather disappear, there’s something very reassuring about the onset of autumn – cosy nights in front of the fire, snuggling in blankets, hot chocolate and marshmallows…!!

Adding lovely autumnal touches to the home couldn’t be easier with PlastiKote spray paint.


Autumn garland


Spray dried leaves to make a garland. We used the lovely Orange Gloss from the Twist & Spray range and twinned it with Copper from our Metallic range – warm, autumn colouring with a hint of bling that looks great hung against this dark green wall.


Shiny pumpkins v2


With Halloween in sight, pumpkins make fabulous decoration. Spray with Clear Sealer to help them last well beyond the 31st or spray a colour to match your décor. We love these little gold pumpkins, sprayed with Fast Dry Enamel in Gold Leaf.


Gold pumpkins


Upcycle glass jars into pretty tea light holders. We made a stencil of a leaf on a sticky label, cut it out and stuck to the glass. A couple of light coats of Twist & Spray Colour were applied and the leaf was peeled off when the paint dried. Pop in some gravel and a tea light, decorate with a raffia tie and there you have it. Simple!




For more Autumn or Halloween project ideas visit our Pinterest page here.

We’ve also got information on our website together with other inspirational ideas for you to try! You can reach our website by clicking here.

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Plastikote paints

How to: back to school with PlastiKote spray paint

Here are some simple, affordable ways to brighten up your child’s study area for the new school term with PlastiKote spray paint. Match their décor or add a bit of bling with Metallic! A great way to use up leftover spray paint.


Stationery tin can pots

Upcycle old tin cans, just make sure they’re clean and dry before spraying. We used Rose Gold Metallic for our makeover.


Rose Gold tin can Pen pot



Wooden files

Great for keeping text books and papers neat and tidy, prime them first before spray painting with colour.


How to mag folders




No excuse to miss deadlines if they’re up on the board! Get a pice of MDF or wood cut to size and use PlastiKote Chalkboard spray paint. If you’d like some top tips, check out this month’s vlog where we make a kitchen chalkboard.


homework board



Decorative canvas

Make a simple piece of art for their wall – choose a saying that will inspire them! Sticky letters, a blank canvas and spray paint are all you need.





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4a - BBQ After 2

How to: upgrade your BBQ with PlastiKote spray paint

If your barbecue is rusted or discoloured, you don’t need to go out and spend money on a new one. It’s quick and easy to refurbish your existing barbecue with PlastiKote Twist & Spray BBQ spray paint . If you keep it inside over the winter, it will be good to go when the sun comes out next year!


You will need:


Wire brush


Masking tape

PlastiKote spray paint for BBQ


1a - BBQ Before


How to: 


  • Remove any ash from the body of the barbecue.
  • Use a wire brush to key the surface and remove any rust or flakes of paint.
  • Use silver foil to clean the rust off the metal legs.


steps 1 and 2


  • Wash all the parts in hot, soapy water and dry carefully.
  • Shield any areas you don’t want to paint (like the interior of the bowl, any vent slides or handles) with newspaper and masking tape.


steps 3 & 4


  • Apply several fine, even coats of PlastiKote BBQ spray paint.
  • Allow to thoroughly dry before use.
  • Invite your friends round and get cooking!


BBQ after


NB Always follow the instructions on the reverse of the can.

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