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Mini make: affordable autumn decs with PlastiKote spray paint

As a new season arrives, lifestyle magazines and blogs invite us to change our interiors to complement the time of year. If you’re looking for an affordable way to add some autumnal accents to your home, look no further than a pile of dried leaves and PlastiKote spray paint!

A metallic accent lifts any colour scheme and PlastiKote Fast Dry Enamel comes in Gold Leaf, Copper, Antique Gold, Silver (Chrome), Rose Gold and Brass. Available in 100ml cans, a little goes a long way and using (free) leaves means you won’t break the bank updating your decor.


Mini make 5

So, go for a brisk country walk and collect your leaves. We particularly like the large sycamore leaves. Dry them between a couple of heavy books to get them to lie flat. When ready to spray, prepare your spraying area with cardboard or newspaper and make sure the room is well-ventilated. Spray with your chosen metallic, using fine mists of paint to build the colour. These two images show the depth of colour and shine that is achieved with PlastiKote Metallic spray paints.


Mini make 1

The leaves can be used in all sorts of ways. Welcome your visitors with an autumnal wreath. Using Gold Leaf, Copper and Antique Gold, spray 6 large leaves and allow to dry. When thoroughly dry, hot glue to an old wicker wreath. Not just for Autumn, this could be used at Christmas too.

Mini make 6

Cascading sprayed leaves blu-tacked to a wall make an appealing display or they could be hung from a small branch to make a mobile of hanging leaves.

Mini make 4

A colourful garland using Copper and Orange Gloss is a cheerful addition to the home. Our top tip for attaching the leaves to the twine is to cut 15mm lengths of drinking straw and hot gluing to the back of each leaf. Then simply thread on to the twine.

Mini make 3

Looking for a quick and easy Halloween decoration? Use Fast Dry Enamel in White to spray some dried sycamore leaves and allow to dry. Their shape really lends itself to being transformed into spooky ghosts! Draw on a couple of black eyes and use washi tape to stick them on the window.

Mini make 2

Finally, what about place names? Perfect for any time of the year – great for Christmas! – choose large leaves to spray and, when dry, write on your guests’ names.

If you’ve used sprayed leaves for decoration, we’d love to see them. Tag us #plastikoteuk on Instagram @plastikoteuk

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WIN: a £50 Ikea gift card with PlastiKote spray paints

Autumn is upon us, with shorter days and cooler weather. Ring the changes by taking a can of PlastiKote spray paint and giving your accessories a refresh or a new colour. Spray a photo frame a bright colour or give an old ornament a metallic makeover. It’s quick and easy to do, and won’t break the bank.

Why stop there? A table or chair sprayed in a strong colour will add a new focal point to your room. Revamp an old piece you already have or take a trip to the local tip – someone else’s trash could be your treasure! A light sanding and clean with soapy water and you’re ready to go. Use Twist & Spray Primer, followed by your favourite Twist & Spray colour.

We did exactly that with these three pieces: A – a small side table sprayed Royal Blue, B – a wicker armchair sprayed Black Plum and C – a junk shop find sprayed in Hacienda Tile, Yellow and Orange Gloss.

comp - colourful furniture


To enter our competition, just tell us which is your favourite. Email your answer A, B or C together with your name, address and phone number to and put SEPT COMP as the subject. We’ll pick one lucky winner at random after the closing date of 31st October. Good luck!

Entrants’ email addresses are added to our database to receive our monthly newsletter. If you wish to enter our competition but do not want to receive the monthly newsletter, please state NO MARKETING in your email.

Thank you to everyone who entered our July competition. Congratulations to Hana from Hastings whose favourite Chalk project was the little vintage stool in Chalk Pastel Green. She has won a £50 Hobbycraft gift card which will be winging its way to her shortly.

winning pic

For terms and conditions for the September competition, click here.

Want to know more about PlastiKote spray paint? Visit our website here for more information about the product or pop over to our Pinterest page for lots of inspirational projects.

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PlastiKote Halloween 66

How to: make Halloween decorations with PlastiKote spray paint

Love it or loathe it, Halloween is big business these days. Over £400 million was spent on Halloween last year and it’s an ever-growing market. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate the house – take a can of PlastiKote spray paint (400ml retails at around £8) and get creative!


PlastiKote Halloween 71

PlastiKote Chalk spray paint comes in 10 colours and can be used on furniture and accessories but don’t be afraid to use it on pumpkins! These would make a stylish addition to any home.


PlastiKote Halloween 69

Just make sure your squash or pumpkin is clean and dry, then spray directly on to the skin. When the paint is dry, shield the pumpkin and spray the stalk with Metallic gold. The paint acts as a seal and a sprayed pumpkin should last for several weeks.


top tip Oct

If you’re more of a traditionalist, these next few ideas are for you. Welcome trick o’ treaters with a spooky doormat. We chose BOO! but if you’re more artistic, you could do a spider, witch or a bat. Just make a stencil from some cardboard, place the stencil on your doormat and spray. Roll it up after the 31st and store it for next year.


wreath in copy

Recycle an old wreath with black Twist & Spray paint. It takes no time at all to do, with the spray paint getting into all the nooks and crannies. This one is decorated with Fluorescent spray-painted wooden letters but for a more spooky look, wrap rubber snakes around the wreath and hang fake bats or spiders from it. Will they dare to knock?


Halloween pumpkin in copy

Got some leftover black paint? Avoid having to carve out your pumpkins – use homemade stencils and spray paint to decorate them.  If you want to make the Halloween tree, just spray some twigs black and hang paper bats or spiders from the branches.


ghosts in copy

For some cheap as chips window decorations, dry out large sycamore leaves or similar and spray white. When the paint has dried, draw the eyes on with a marker.


These are very simple ideas which hopefully have inspired you to have a go. We’d love to see your spooky spray-painted makes – share your projects with us on Facebook or Instagram#plastikoteuk.

If you’re unsure about using spray paint, watch our vlogs for tips on spray painting and inspirational projects (look on the right-hand panel for the vlog category).

For more inspiration, check out our YouTube or Pinterest page. 

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How to: Halloween decoration with PlastiKote spray paint

Halloween is big business with costumes, decorations and spooky treats filling the shelves at this time of year. If you want to join the fun but are on a budget, get creative with a can of PlastiKote spray paint. One can of PlastiKote Twist & Spray paint in Black Matt or Satin would be enough to do all of these projects!

wreath in copy

Recycle an old wreath – spray it black and then be creative with the decoration. We stuck on fluorescent BOO but you could twist toy snakes around it, hang bats or spiders from it, even stick bits of old dolls to it – macabre!


door mat in copy

A plain door mat has had a Halloween message sprayed on using a stencil made from a cereal box.


Pumpkin face in copy

Using newspaper and masking tape to define the features, spray faces on pumpkins for a twist on the traditional jack o’ lantern.


black twigs in copy

Spray some twigs in black, push them into a pumpkin and use a bat stencil to make some paper bats to hang from the twigs. Use the stencil to spray a bat shape on the pumpkin.

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to have a go. Share your ideas with us on Facebook or Instagram #plastikoteuk – we’d love to see them.

For more Halloween inspiration, check out our Pinterest page.

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top tip featured

Top tip: long-lasting pumpkins with PlastiKote spray paint

Traditional jack o’ lantern pumpkins look fabulous with their scary Halloween faces (Fascinating fact – did you know that the original jack o’lantern was not a pumpkin? The tradition was introduced to America by the Irish but pumpkins did not exist in Ireland – they carved turnips!).

If you have a look at our ‘How To’ section this month, you’ll see how we created faces on our pumpkins with PlastiKote spray paint – not particularly scary but you get the idea!

top tip2 Oct

For a more stylish decoration that will take you from October through to Christmas, pick up unusual pumpkins, squashes and gourds from your grocer and spray with Clear Sealer.

top tip5 Oct

Thoroughly covered, the pumpkins will be sealed and shouldn’t decay for a good few weeks. These were done in mid-October and were dispensed with to make way for Christmas decorations in December.

top tip6 Oct

They look stunning layered up in a rustic basket or as a centrepiece for an autumn dinner party.

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Competition: win a £50 Hobbycraft gift card with PlastiKote spray paint

Enter our easy competition for your chance to win a £50 gift card to spend in Hobbycraft.

Pimp up a pumpkin with PlastiKote spray paint! It’s so quick and easy to do and you can match your pumpkins to your décor. Metallics work well with autumnal colours. Which of these would look good in your home?

To enter this month’s competition, just email your choice of colour – Chrome, Gold Leaf or Copper – together with your name, address and phone number to and put OCT COMP as the subject. We’ll pick one lucky winner at random after the closing date of 31st October. Good luck!

comp image

We run a competition every month and entrants’ email addresses are added to our database to receive our monthly newsletter. If you wish to enter our competition but do not want to receive the monthly newsletter, please state NO MARKETING in your email.

Thank you to everyone who entered our September competition. Our congratulations to Laura from Inverness who chose the Stone Effect bottle upcycle as her favourite. Laura will receive a £50 gift card for Ikea.

comp winner's choice

For the terms and conditions of our October competition, click here.

Want to know more about PlastiKote spray paint? Visit our website here for more information and lots of inspirational ideas!

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