Competition: win a £50 Ikea gift card with PlastiKote spray paint

Win a £50 gift card for Ikea with PlastiKote spray paint in our Christmas competition!

We’ve just put our Christmas wreath up – and very pretty it looks too! We’ve made lots of different ones over the years but which is your favourite out of our top choices?

To enter this month’s competition, just email us the name of your favourite wreath from A. Pine Cones, B. Silver, C. Fruity or D. Frosty, together with your name, address and phone number to and put DEC COMP as the subject.  We’ll pick one lucky winner at random after the closing date of 31st December. Good luck!


comp pics

We run a competition every month, so do sign up to our newsletter to make sure you are in with a chance to win.

Thank you to everyone for entering our November competition.  Our congratulations to Linda Spencer from Manchester who chose the Antique Gold spray painted leaf as her favourite and who wins a £50 Etsy gift voucher.  Great choice, Linda!


Competition pic


For the terms and conditions of our December competition, click here.

Want to know more about PlastiKote spray paint? Visit our website here for more inspirational project ideas!

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Cover. step by step PlastiKote Christmas Leaf Place Setting 22 for FB

How to: stylish Christmas table place settings with PlastiKote spray paint

When your guests arrive for festive food, avoid the confusion and the calls of ‘where shall I sit?’ with some stylish, affordable table place settings. All with a little bit of help from PlastiKote spray paint!

If you have a large amount to do or are spraying other items for Christmas, use 400ml Twist & Spray (T&S) Colour or 400ml Metallic spray paint. For a small amount, a can of Fast Dry Enamel (FDE) 100ml goes a long way and is easily affordable at around £4.

We sprayed a large ivy leaf in Flat White (FDE) and then threaded a luggage label on the stem. Simple, stylish and very effective.




Fruit is another useful resource at Christmas. Choose not quite ripe apples or pears to spray – with a full coat, they will last a good couple of weeks. This pear has been sprayed with FDE Gold Leaf.


step by step pear


Pine cones are easily transformed into place name holders. A light spritz of white (T&S or FDE) makes them look like they’ve been brought in from the snow! A spritz of PlastiKote Glitter spray paint will make them look frosty.


cones step by step


This sycamore leaf looks stunning on a plain white plate. Sprayed with Metallic Copper (T&S or FDE), it has a lovely warm sheen. Use a marker to write the name.


step by step polly leaf


This place setting is one for the kids (big and small!). A sprayed cone with a name card, a festive doily (sprayed in FDE Gold Leaf) and a favours jar. The jar is a recycled sauce jar, cleaned thoroughly, a small wooden ornament hot glued to the lid and the the lid sprayed. T&S Bright Red Gloss was used to achieve this very festive setting.


red cone place setting

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mini make cover pic

Mini makes: jam jar tea light holders with PlastiKote spray paint

Use up leftover PlastiKote spray paint to make pretty tea light holders for the festive period and beyond! Elastic bands were wrapped around these little jars before they were sprayed with leftover Metallics in Copper, Brushed Nickel, Gold and Silver. When thoroughly dry, the elastic bands were removed to leave a pattern of lines. Drop in a tea light and finish with a ribbon.


mini make inside 1


The same method was applied with this fishbowl glass vase.


mini make fish bowl


Please be careful with candles! Always be candle safe!


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reader project cover pic

Christmas with The Old Haberdashery and PlastiKote spray paint

The Old Haberdashery in Ticehurst, East Sussex is one of our favourite shops and we were very taken with its gorgeous Christmas window display this year. We had an idea the owner might have used spray paint as part of the creative process so we just had to pay a visit to find out more…


The OHD interior


Sonia, the owner, set up The Old Haberdashery six years ago and uses the space to showcase her passion for vintage, making and craft. We asked her to tell us more about her Christmas window display…

“Coming from a textile and photography background, I love to play with colour and texture in our visual displays. The annual Christmas window has to stop people in their tracks! This year, I used various PlastiKote spray paints to help me create a vintage eastern European folk theme.

PlastiKote spray paints are so easy to use and the effects you can create change something ordinary like a branch or seed head into something magical.

I layered copper with a covering of gold glitter on seed heads and silver and silver glitter as a highlight on hazel branches which still had their leaves and catkins attached. Great if you don’t want to go down the whole greenery route but want a bit of drama and something different. The spray paints really catch the light too and if you are pushed for time, they offer a quick and easy make!”


aliums TOH


If you want to know more about The Old Haberdashery go to, visit the shop in Ticehurst or check out its Instagram page.

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Comp pic

Competition: Win a £50 gift card with PlastiKote spray paint

Win a £50 gift card for Etsy with PlastiKote spray paint in our November competition!

With Christmas just around the corner, our thoughts always seem to turn to Metallics. They are so versatile and look really luxurious at this special time. Here are four of our favourites but which is yours? Gold Leaf, Antique Gold, Silver or Copper?


Competition pic


To enter this month’s competition, just email us the name of your favourite metallic colour from A. Gold Leaf, B. Antique Gold, C. Silver or D. Copper, together  with your contact details to and put NOV COMP as the subject.  We’ll pick one lucky winner at random after the closing date of 30th November. Good luck!

We run a competition every month, so do sign up to our newsletter to make sure you are in with a chance to win.

Thank you to everyone for entering our October competition.  Our congratulations to James Holyland from Leicester who correctly guessed that six items had been sprayed. They were the wreath, the face on the pumpkin, BOO! on the doormat and three jar tealight holders.  James wins a £50 Hobbycraft gift voucher.


comp pic 2


For the terms and conditions of our November competition, click here.

Want to know more about PlastiKote spray paint? Visit our website here for more inspirational project ideas!

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How to front cover

How to: create clever storage with PlastiKote Spray Paint

With guests descending and a house full to bursting of all the extras that appear at Christmas, some extra storage is always useful. We’ve come up with an affordable way to add some practical but pretty storage by using PlastiKote spray paint and wooden crates, either bought from hobby stores or recycled old wine boxes.

A crate filled with toiletries, a flannel and towel is a great idea to put in your guest room. Spray them bright colours and use to store some of those toys that might remain untouched once Santa has been. A colourful crate on the windowsill filled with herbs is not only decorative but useful. Or why not fill with homemade goodies for a thoughtful gift for a loved one?


You will need

Wooden crate/old wine box

Fine sandpaper if upcycling an old box

PlastiKote Twist & Spray Primer

PlastiKote Twist & Spray Colour or Metallic spray paint


Step by Step

  • Spread newspaper/dust sheets out in a well-ventilated working area or preferably outside.
  • If upcycling a wine box, gently sand the surface to get rid of any rough bits.
  • Following instructions on the can, apply PlastiKote Twist & Spray Primer and allow to dry.
  • When dry, apply the PlastiKote Twist & Spray Colour or Metallic, of your choice – again following instructions on the can. They will be touch dry in 30-50 minutes and thoroughly dry in 2-3 hours.
  • Allow 36 hours for the paint to harden off completely before putting into use.
  • Fill! Here are a few of our ideas…


Children’s Tidy Crates

This is a great way to get children to tidy up! We sprayed the front of the crates in Chalkboard and the rest in April Green, Orange and Yellow Gloss. Let the children decide what they want to store in them!


Kid's crates


Guest Crate

This is a lovely way to present towels and toiletries for your guests. We used Twist & Spray in White Satin.


guest crate using White Satin Twist & Spray


Herb Crate

Bring colour into your kitchen with these fabulous herb containers. We used Twist & Spray in Hacienda Tile.


PlastiKote herb crate - Hacienda Tile Twist _ Spray

Christmas Gift Crate

Why not create your own special gift hampers this Christmas. Metallic sprays give a particularly luxurious finish. We used Metallic Copper.

Christmas gift box using MEtallic Copper

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reader project FINAL v2

Instagrammer project: autumn table centre piece with Rosie

Autumn is always such a beautiful time of year and we love finding Instagrammers who know how to make this season really come to life in the home. We found Rosie’s Renovations on Instagram when we were looking for some inspiration and we really appreciate what Rosie is doing. Her projects are creative, thoughtful,  carefully finished and we love the colours she chooses! We recommend you head over there and take a look for yourself

We chose her autumn table centrepiece to feature in this month’s blog. We loved the glow it creates and the way it brings a warmth to the table with just a hint of the festivities to come!


reader project FINAL


We asked Rosie how she got started and she told us:

My passion for upcycling really began when I moved from a flat into a house and suddenly needed a lot more furniture to fill these extra rooms. I’ve always loved being creative and renovating old furniture for my home proved to be the perfect way to scratch that itch.

Rosie’s Renovations was created earlier this year and I haven’t looked back, from small home accessories and gifts, to dining tables and dressers. I love using spray paints and chalk paints to bring new life to old things.

I love my home to be seasonal and love bringing the outside in. The autumn table centrepiece is something I put together to bring in that autumnal cosy feel. I cut up some faux eucalyptus stems and sprayed with silver glitter spray, the translucent spray still allowed the green to come through which added some nice colour. I then sprayed some pine cones and some berries in silver. Once dry, I fixed everything together using some wire and placed my vase in the middle. I went for neutral sand and a white pillar candle but I’ll probably change this to something more festive before Christmas. 


Cones and things reader. project


REader project wreath before and after


If you’re looking for inspiration or want to know more about Rosie, visit her Instagram page here.

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Mini make cover pic

Mini make: tin advent calendar with Plastikote spray paint

Have a go at making your own advent calendar this year using tin cans and PlastiKote spray paint.

This is a great way of using up leftover spray paint. Spray 24 clean tin cans, paint or write on numbers 1 to 24, fill with a sweet treat or small gift and cover with tissue held on with ribbon or an elastic band. Looks fabulous stacked or lined up on a staircase. Or why not hide them round the house and make it a treasure hunt every day?


Mini make interior pic

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