How to: recycle with PlastiKote spray paint

If you’ve vowed to create less waste this year but are itching to change your décor now that all the Christmas bits have been put away, use PlastiKote spray paint to recycle and revamp what you already have and give your home a whole new look. Spray paint a table, chair, chest of drawer, vase, lamp, frame – the list is endless.

chest of drawers makeovers

This little chest of drawers had seen better days when it was picked up at a local charity shop for a few pounds around six years ago. It was a solid piece of furniture but not very attractive. Given a  makeover using Twist & Spray paint in pretty pastels, it was used in a girl’s bedroom. A couple of years later, a more sophisticated look was requested and out came Chalk spray paint in Cappuccino, Dark Hessian, Old Hessian, Pale Rose and Vintage White. More recently, the chest of drawers has been moved to a different room and is now a stand-out piece having been sprayed in Dusty Coral, again from the Twist & Spray range.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Prepare your spraying area with dust sheets, newspaper or cardboard. Set up in a well-ventilated room or preferably outside on a warm, calm day.
  • Lightly sand to remove any flakes of paint or varnish and wash with warm, soapy water to get rid of any dirt, dust or grease. Allow to dry.
  • For any bare wood surface, always use primer. PlastiKote Twist & Spray Primer is ideal. If your item has already been spray painted with PlastiKote, you can just put your new colour over the top but if you want to ‘kill’ the existing colour, ie if it is dark and you’re going light, or you’re not sure what paint or varnish was previously use, priming will give you a good base to start on. Priming also gives added durability.
  • Once primed, follow instructions on the can of your PlastiKote spray paint to apply your colour coat.
  • Allow to thoroughly dry. With high usage items, it is recommended to let the paint ‘cure’ for a good 48-72 hours before putting in to use.

Here are a few more upcycled items that might give you some ideas for your own projects:

more furniture makeovers

This stool and cabinet have both had a Chalk makeover, the stool in Pastel Green and the cabinet in Pale Rose.

more furniture makeovers2

The nest of tables was rescued from a trip to the tip with a colourful makeover using Twist & Spray in Pink Burst, Smoke Infusion and Yellow gloss spray paints. Patterned wrapping paper was used under the glass tops to add interest. The dining chair was sprayed with Daffodil Satin. PlastiKote Twist & Spray is a great all-rounder, quick and easy to use and can be applied to most surfaces.

These are simple makeovers which hopefully have inspired you to have a go. We’d love to see your recycled projects – share with us on Facebook or Instagram#plastikoteuk.

If you’re unsure about using spray paint, watch our vlogs for tips on spray painting and inspirational projects (look on the right-hand panel for the vlog category).

For more inspiration, check out our YouTube or Pinterest page. 

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Reader project: a creative Christmas with PlastiKote spray paint

We’ve had great fun – and been inspired – looking at the creative ideas that our Instagram followers have come up with for Christmas using PlastiKote spray paint. We thought we’d share a couple of our favourites here on our blog.

Let’s start with Anna @makinghomematter. She says:

“I am currently fixing up our home with a rustic farmhouse style and I share all my home decor and DIY inspiration.  My aim is to inspire people to make a house a home on a budget which involves lots of fun, creative projects.

Before and after houses

I made these from reclaimed wood and finished with Vintage White Chalk spray paint.  These houses make up a winter village on my open shelving in the kitchen.

charity shop candleholders

I always look out for unique pieces in charity shops that I could put my own stamp on.  Originally red, this candelabra was a great find and the spray paint covered in one coat.

3 vintage white chalk projects

I spray painted three bottles white, distressed one with fine sandpaper and printed letters on the others.

I found a very cheap decoration in silver, took it to pieces, spray painted the bells and added cord to create single white baubles for my white and copper themed Christmas tree. The wicker star was another charity shop find.”

We love the rustic look of all Anna’s projects. Using PlastiKote Chalk Vintage White paint has allowed her to achieve that lovely ultra matt finish.

Sian, who can be found on Instagram at insideno.46, lives with her partner and two children. She says:

“I am always looking for ways to improve our home decor, whether this is buying new furniture or making little discoveries at a car boot sale. On my Instagram page, there are lots of posts showing the transformation of items I’ve either already owned or I’ve bought secondhand that have not matched my colour scheme – I’ve been able to do this using PlastiKote spray paint.

sian projects 1

My most recent festive upcycle has been two candle stick holders that were purchased at a car boot fair. Originally, the candle sticks were a dark wooden colour but with just two coats of paint, they are now bright white. I have added these into a garland on my mantlepiece.

 sian projects 2

I’ve been looking for a tree topper but was unable to find one I liked. I found some Halloween twigs on sale and had the idea to use these and some of my spare baubles to make my own. The twigs were a natural brown colour and the baubles were red but both finished really well with a couple coats of PlastiKote and now that they’re dry, they have made the perfect addition to the tree.”

Sian’s mantlepiece in classic white and silver looks very pretty but we love her wacky family Christmas tree. Bet her children love it too!

We featured Mrs_Roobottom_Home from Instagram in our September blog and she had already started on her Christmas decorations. In case you missed it, here’s her pretty pine cone dec.

christmas dec

The satin bow adds that je ne sais quoi to a simple sprayed cone!


If you have spray paint projects you’d like to share with us, email info@spraypaintideas.co.uk. If we feature them on our blog, we’ll send you some spray paints as a thank you.

For more information and inspiration from PlastiKote, follow us on Instagram here.

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reader proj featured July

Reader project: bright and colourful makeovers with PlastiKote spray paint

Regular visitors to our blog will know how much we love to see how others use PlastiKote spray paint around the home and every month feature a project that has caught our eye.

If you love colour, you’ll love Denise @huggablehome on Instagram. Her posts are full of vibrant colour, whether one of her crochet or knit projects, a colourful accessory or a bright spray paint makeover. Denise was kind enough to share some of her pics with us and tell us how and why she uses PlastiKote spray paints.

She says:

“Hi, my name is Denise, I am a crochet and knit accessories designer, with a penchant for diy and a love for all things bright and colourful.

reader proj July 3

I love to fill my home with colourful and fun décor and accessories, Plastikote products help me to do just that.  These products allow me the freedom to make quick easy updates when upcycling.  I choose to use Plastikote sprays as they go on quick and easy, create a flawless finish and are available in a great range of colours.

reader proj July 1

I love that they are also quite economical, I can usually complete several home accessories projects with one can.  I always have my eye out for the next project and no item in my home is safe when it comes to spray paint.  My favourite products are the gloss sprays, they give such an amazing finish and pop of colour in my home, I only wish my local stores stocked more of the colour range.

reader proj July 5

I also love the gold Metallic finish spray, it is honestly like spraying liquid gold.

Here are my top tips for using Plastikote spray paint:

reader proj July 4

  1. Prime it!  Always use the Plastikote spray primer, it ensures that you have the perfect base for your finished pop of colour.  I find that one coat of primer is usually enough for home accessories.  It dries quite fast, so it’s worth putting in the little extra effort for the perfect finish on your project.
  2. Light coats!  If you want the best finish, use light even coats of your spray.  Pay attention to the distance directions on your can too.  These steps will give you the flawless finish you are after.
  3. Have fun!  Upcycling and decorating can be so much fun.  Dont be afraid to experiment with colour combinations.  Let your imagination run wild and you can add some really unique touches to make your home yours.

I have some of my upcycles and diys featured on my new blog at www.huggablehome.com with lots more coming soon.  You can also find me crafting and diying colourfully through life on Instagram @Huggable Home.”

We love the diversity of Denise’s projects and hope to see more when she has received her ‘thank you’ spray paints from us.

If you have some spray paint projects you’d like to share with us, email info@spraypaintideas.co.uk. If we feature them on our blog, like Denise, you’ll get some spray paints as a thank you.

For more information and inspiration from PlastiKote, follow us on Instagram here.

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top tip featured

Top tip: PlastiKote spray paint plus Ikea hack equals easy spray painting!

If you use PlastiKote spray paint for painting small home accessories – vases, ornaments, jars and bottles, for example – this is a useful little hack.

Invest in an Ikea Snudda. At around £6, it’s a bargain and can make spray painting even easier and quicker to do. The Snudda is Ikea’s lazy susan, a wooden turntable that is so useful when spray painting small items. It means you don’t have to try and pick up your sprayed item to get to another side, possibly getting paint on your hands or spoiling your paint job – simply turn the table and the unpainted side comes to you!

top tip 1

  1. Keep it clean! Rather than build up layers of paint on your turntable, cover the top with newspaper and using masking tape to secure it underneath. This will make it easy to remove when you’ve finished your project, ready to be recovered for the next.

top tip 2

2.  Place the item to be sprayed in the middle of the turntable.

top tip 3

3.  Start spraying using even strokes and building the colour by slowly rotating the turntable with your free hand.

top tip 4

4.  Leave your project to dry and then apply a second fine layer if needed. Allow to thoroughly dry.

5.  Finally, remove the newspaper and you’re ready for your next project!

Follow us on Instagram @plastikoteuk for more ideas and projects. And don’t forget to tag us if you make something using PlastiKote spray paint – we love seeing them #plastikoteuk.

For product information, visit the website www.plastikote.co.uk.

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reader project featured

Reader project: a vintage vibe with PlastiKote spray paint

Here at Plastikote Towers (okay, the office!), we love to see how you use PlastiKote spray paint around the home and every month feature a project that has caught our eye.

reader project in body blog 6

This month, it was Sarah on Instagram @sarahmaguire_myvintagehome who posts images of her fabulous home full of reloved and revamped furniture and accessories. She loves granny chic and vintage interiors. We love her style and use of colour.

reader project in body blog 5

She says: “My name is Sarah Maguire and I’m a spray paint addict. I’m a vintage collector and have been for around 20 years. I use spray paint for most  of my painting projects unless it’s too large.

Chairs in PlastiKote Twist & Spray paint - Exotic Sea, New Yellow, Pink Burst and April Green.
Chairs in PlastiKote Twist & Spray paint – Exotic Sea, New Yellow, Pink Burst and April Green.

reader project in body blog 1

I’ve spray painted pretty much everything. Tables, chairs, picture frames, shelves, baskets, lamps. The list is endless.

reader project in body blog 4

I find it gives a much smoother finish especially the gloss sprays. There’s such a huge range of textures and colours to chose from too.”

reader project in body blog 3

Do follow Sarah on Instagram to learn more about her style and see more projects. If you love the vintage vibe, you won’t be disappointed.

We really enjoy seeing the diverse mix of ideas and creations using PlastiKote spray paints. If you have a spray paint project you’d like to share with us, email info@spraypaintideas.co.uk. If we feature it on our blog, you’ll get some ‘thank you’ spray paints.

For more information and inspiration from PlastiKote, follow us on Instagram here.

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Copy of @patirobins T&S Orange Dressing Table copy

Instagrammer project: be bold with PlastiKote spray paint colours

We tend to stick to using colours that we know and that are ‘safe’. However, that might all be changing since we found @patirobins on Instagram! Pati’s bold use of colour against dark backdrops has inspired us to experiment. Here’s what Pati has to say about her style:

“I am a Polish maximalist and serial eBayer, living in UK for past 12 years. I love colours and changing things around but sadly budget does not always match to what I want to achieve.


Copy of @patirobins T&S Orange Frame


Over the years I have managed to source some beautiful secondhand  accessories and furniture from places like ebay , gumtree , charity shops, freebie sites and from family and friends. I always look beyond the colour of the item I find as this can easily be changed with PlastiKote spray paint.  I have always used this brand, I swear by it . It is also a great way to renew your existing pieces without spending much as well saving them from going into landfill. You can spray just about anything. My mirror in the hallway over the years has been painted all the colours of the rainbow – it breathed a new lease of life into something I had fallen out of love with.


Copy of @patirobins T&S Red Lamp Base copy


Colour can transform any space  – and if you want to add pops of colour, you can spray anything from lampshades ( providing you use led light bulbs that don’t get hot) to candlestick holders. Pop a few coloured pieces here and there and watch the space come alive. When you get bored, grab another can of PlastiKote and get spraying!


Copy of @patirobins T&S Orange Dressing Table copy


If you want a fuss-free furniture upcycle project, you can use a standard PlastiKote spray or one of their new Chalk range – which gives that perfect chalky finish in a flash! The same goes to your appliances –  rather than trying to achieve a professional streak-free finish with a brush (that you know is impossible), you could use a special  appliance  spray paint   I have used it in the past and loved the result.”

I think we can safely say, Pati is a fan! And we’re a fan of hers, inspiring us to be brave with colour! Pati can be found on Instagram @patirobins or on the website, www.style-squeeze.com, where the aim is ‘to squeeze more style into small spaces’.

For more information on PlastiKote spray paint visit our website.

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