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Reader project: Naomi gets crafty with PlastiKote spray paint

Naomi (@gnowme) got in touch to show us her crafty make for a back to school project. She is a teacher and wanted to organise her resources into the days that she needed them. The box files she had were a bit boring so here she explains how she came to use PlastiKote spray paint for the first time and what she thinks of it!
“I haven’t used Plastikote before but I noticed it in the shop when looking for a tin of paint. I would have also needed to buy brushes to go with the paint so I decided a couple of cans of Plastikote would be better value for money and more fun to use!
reader project in blog 0a
To test the paint, I sprayed an empty glass moisturiser pot to make a little paperclip pot for my desk – the finish was perfectly smooth and glossy after just one coat of the spray.
reader project in blog 0
When starting the files, I found that the first 2 layers were absorbed into the wood very quickly but by the third layer, the surface started to look and feel nice and smooth (I’ve since learnt that it is best to prime bare wood to stop the colour soaking in!).
reader project in blog 2
Next, I used a permanent marker pen to bubble write the days of the week and decorate. To finish, I glued little lino printed paper stars on to decorate and I sprayed the folders with a clear glossy Plastikote to fix the pen and paper stars and give the files an even smoother finish.
reader project in blog 3
I was impressed with how easy it was to get a smooth finish and the coverage was super – nice and even with no gaps anywhere. They were not messy at all and dried very quickly without a lingering paint smell.”
It seems we have another fan and hope Naomi enjoys using her ‘thank you’ gift for sharing her project with us – some more PlastiKote spray paints!
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How to: Create stylish storage with PlastiKote spray paint

You can never have enough storage and baskets are a great way of keeping things tidy! These inexpensive Ikea baskets can be used for a whole host of storage solutions and, with the help of PlastiKote spray paint, look good too!

sbs all baskets in body

Using pretty heritage colours from the PlastiKote Chalk range – Frost Blue, Pale Rose and Pastel Green – we sprayed three baskets, choosing to paint one half of each basket to keep a rustic feel.

 sbs green basket in body

The Pastel Green basket found its way to the kitchen. It works well (and looks great!) as storage for fruit and veg on the counter top.

sbs blue basket in body

A useful addition to the bathroom, the Frost Blue basket holds toiletries and cloths for overnight guests.

 sbs pink basket in body

A handy container to take cutlery and napkins out on a sunny summer’s evening for dining al fresco, the Pale Rose basket has yet to find a permanent home (though thinking it may work well in the bedroom to hold hairbrushes and straighteners…).

Are you inspired? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Make sure the basket is clean and dry.
  2. Use Chalk spray paint in the colour of your choice, following instructions on the can.
  3. Allow to thoroughly dry before putting into use.

If you do spray your own baskets, do tag us on Instagram #plastikoteuk or send in via email – we’d love to see them.

For more interior projects, check out our Pinterest page.

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Competition: WIN a £50 Ikea gift card with PlastiKote spray paint

Enter our easy competition for your chance to win a £50 gift card to spend in Ikea.

Bottles are a favourite of ours to upcycle – not only do they look great but they can be put to use in various ways – as decoration, a vase, a candleholder, a table centre. Here are three of our favourite bottle makeovers – A These candleholders were sprayed with Stone Effect spray paint for a lovely textured finish; B Chalk spray paint was used to create these pretty summer vases; C String was wrapped round a Twist & Spray painted white bottle making a stylish bathroom decoration. Which do you like best?


To enter this month’s competition, just email us your favourite – A, B or C – together with your name, address and phone number to and put SEPT COMP as the subject. We’ll pick one lucky winner at random after the closing date of 30th September. Good luck!

We run a competition every month and entrants’ email addresses are added to our database to receive our monthly newsletter. If you wish to enter our competition but do not want to receive the monthly newsletter, please state NO MARKETING in your email.

Thank you to everyone who entered our August competition. Our congratulations to Angie Pickering from Chester who chose Mirror B as her favourite mirror makeover. We love this mirror too – reminds us of the Sleeping Beauty mirror! Angie will receive a £50 gift card for The Range.

winner pic from Aug

For the terms and conditions of our Septermber competition, click here.

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Top tip: multi-use clothes pegs with PlastiKote spray paint

The humble wooden clothes peg is so useful. We spray ours with leftover PlastiKote spray paint – Fast Dry Enamel, Twist & Spray, Metallic or Chalk will all work well – and use for many a tidy-up job around the house and garden.

top tip 2

Fix above the sink to hold rubber gloves or stick on the fridge door to hold a shopping list.

top tip 3

Spray pegs a different colour for each member of the family and encourage them to keep their wellies upright and together!

seed packets


Keep seed packets tidy whilst helping to keep the tops from opening up and spilling out the seeds from within.

A little make that comes in really handy!

Follow us on Instagram @plastikoteuk for more ideas and projects.

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How to: garden furniture makeover with PlastiKote spray paint

Recycle, recycle, recycle! That’s our ethos and this garden furniture set shows that we practise what we preach. The beauty of PlastiKote spray paint is not only can it bring something back to life but if you get bored of the colour or need to change the look, you can do so quickly, easily and inexpensively.

sbs before

This garden table and chairs were inherited nine years ago in a sad and sorry state after many years of use. Using PlastiKote Metal Protekt spray paint in Black, it was brought back to its former glory.

sbs black makeover 1

A couple of years later, the set was sprayed this gorgeous red and moved to become a focal point in a leafy spot in the garden.

Plastikote paints

A house move meant the furniture found a new home on a parterre with a colour scheme of white and green planting. The red was too harsh, so Warm Grey was chosen to tone it down.

sbs warm grey makeover 3

With the introduction of PlastiKote’s NEW Garden spray paint, we couldn’t resist the Surf Green and the table and chairs were sprayed to now sit proudly in their new sunny spot overlooking the lawn.

sbs green makeover

If you’re considering spraying your garden furniture, here are some top tips:

  • Make sure the furniture is clean and dry. Use wire wool or a wire brush to clean off any flakes of rust or old paint. Wash with warm soapy water before allowing to dry thoroughly.
  • If you’re back to bare metal or wood in any area on the furniture, we’d definitely recommend using a PlastiKote Primer – Metal Primer if you have rust spots. Even if you’re just covering old paint, after prepping as above, priming will not only ‘kill’ the colour you’re covering and give you a good surface for the top coat, it will also give you added durability.
  • Follow instructions on the can for the best finish.
  • Allow to thoroughly harden off before using.
  • If possible, put garden furniture in a shed or garage over the winter to protect paint from the harsher weather.

For more garden projects, check out our Garden Glory board on Pinterest.

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Reader project: amazing upcycles with PlastiKote spray paint

Jack is a big fan of PlastiKote spray paint, using it for many of his wonderful upcycled projects. Based on the south coast, he loves upcycling – it’s his hobby and passion. He told us:

“I’m Jack from @south.66 (we use Instagram as our platform to reach the masses) and our mission is to recycle, upcycle and become more self-sufficient. The waste we create has to stop. We are also big fans of hand-made individuality. Not mass production of the same old tat. Simply, if you need something, make it. Get the kids involved and make making fun. Put your stamp on something.

Reader project in copy 3

Now when it comes to making, time is of the essence and I need a quality product. PlastiKote ticks all the boxes, offers a perfect finish, easy spray technology is brilliant and makes painting mess free. Drying time is quick too.

Reader project in copy 2

Recently I needed a sandwich board and it’s not something you see on the high street so thought ‘let’s make one!’. I already had a can of PlastiKote Chalkboard spray paint (see the full make process @south.66 on Instagram) so I made the frame and then sprayed the main body with the Chalkboard. Three coats later, we had our board made all from recycled pallet wood. Cost was pennies.”

Reader project in copy 1


If you’d like to see more of Jack’s projects, click here to visit his Instagram page.

For more information on PlastiKote spray paint visit our website.

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Top tip: Garden Games from PlastiKote spray paint

The school summer holidays can seem endless. Days out can end up costing a fortune but how can you get the children outside and having fun? A can of Garden Games from PlastiKote spray paint could be the answer.

top tip in blog1

Encourage the kids into the garden by marking out a mini football pitch, a tennis court, a hopscotch grid – or make up your own games. A simple grid for skittles or a game of giant noughts and crosses are just a couple of ideas to try.

top tip in blog4

Garden Games can be used on grass or tarmac for marking out temporary play areas and will wash away with rain or water. Perfect for a summer of active fun.

top tip in blog2

And here’s a top tip – use Garden Games when planning a new design in your garden to mark out flower beds or pathways, much easier than using sand or string!

top tip in blog3

Follow us on Instagram @plastikoteuk for more ideas and projects. If you’ve been inspired to create a football pitch or tennis court for your children, take a pic, post it on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us #plastikoteuk. We love seeing your makes.

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Competition: win a £50 gift card for The Range with PlastiKote spray paint

Enter our simple competition for your chance to win a £50 gift card to spend in The Range.

Our vlog this month shows how to make over a metallic framed mirror with PlastiKote Chalk spray paint. Once sprayed, it was lightly rubbed back with sandpaper giving a distressed finish – we loved it!

Here are three more mirrors we’ve transformed with spray paint. We used PlastiKote Metallic in Brushed Nickel on Mirror A , PlastiKote Twist & Spray in White Satin on Mirror B and PlastiKote Glass Frosting on Mirror C. Which do you like the best?

Aug image comp in body

To enter this month’s competition, just email us your favourite – A, B or – together with your name, address and phone number to and put AUG COMP as the subject. We’ll pick one lucky winner at random after the closing date of 31st August. Good luck!

We run a competition every month and entrants’ email addresses are added to our database to receive our monthly newsletter. If you wish to enter our competition but do not want to receive the monthly newsletter, please state NO MARKETING in your email.

Thank you to everyone who entered our July competition.  Our congratulations to Christine Lockley from Sheffield who chose Exotic Sea as her favourite coloured bottle. She will receive a £50 Etsy gift card.

comp in body pic

For the terms and conditions of our August competition, click here.

Want to know more about PlastiKote spray paint? Visit our website here for more information and lots of inspirational project ideas!

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