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Mini make: affordable autumn decs with PlastiKote spray paint

As a new season arrives, lifestyle magazines and blogs invite us to change our interiors to complement the time of year. If you’re looking for an affordable way to add some autumnal accents to your home, look no further than a pile of dried leaves and PlastiKote spray paint!

A metallic accent lifts any colour scheme and PlastiKote Fast Dry Enamel comes in Gold Leaf, Copper, Antique Gold, Silver (Chrome), Rose Gold and Brass. Available in 100ml cans, a little goes a long way and using (free) leaves means you won’t break the bank updating your decor.


Mini make 5

So, go for a brisk country walk and collect your leaves. We particularly like the large sycamore leaves. Dry them between a couple of heavy books to get them to lie flat. When ready to spray, prepare your spraying area with cardboard or newspaper and make sure the room is well-ventilated. Spray with your chosen metallic, using fine mists of paint to build the colour. These two images show the depth of colour and shine that is achieved with PlastiKote Metallic spray paints.


Mini make 1

The leaves can be used in all sorts of ways. Welcome your visitors with an autumnal wreath. Using Gold Leaf, Copper and Antique Gold, spray 6 large leaves and allow to dry. When thoroughly dry, hot glue to an old wicker wreath. Not just for Autumn, this could be used at Christmas too.

Mini make 6

Cascading sprayed leaves blu-tacked to a wall make an appealing display or they could be hung from a small branch to make a mobile of hanging leaves.

Mini make 4

A colourful garland using Copper and Orange Gloss is a cheerful addition to the home. Our top tip for attaching the leaves to the twine is to cut 15mm lengths of drinking straw and hot gluing to the back of each leaf. Then simply thread on to the twine.

Mini make 3

Looking for a quick and easy Halloween decoration? Use Fast Dry Enamel in White to spray some dried sycamore leaves and allow to dry. Their shape really lends itself to being transformed into spooky ghosts! Draw on a couple of black eyes and use washi tape to stick them on the window.

Mini make 2

Finally, what about place names? Perfect for any time of the year – great for Christmas! – choose large leaves to spray and, when dry, write on your guests’ names.

If you’ve used sprayed leaves for decoration, we’d love to see them. Tag us #plastikoteuk on Instagram @plastikoteuk

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colourful dining featured

How to: colourful summer dining with PlastiKote spray paint

Make your summer dining table dazzle with colour using PlastiKote spray paint!

Create a colourful outdoor dining  area to welcome your visitors, whether for a family barbecue or friends for afternoon tea –  it’s perfect for a themed summer party – Club Tropicana anyone?

It doesn’t have to cost a lot. Gather old candlesticks, glass bottles, jugs, baskets, cake stands, tin cans and jars and use Twist & Spray colours to give them a new lease of life – it’s a good way of using up left-over spray paint if you have any. Go bright or pastel, whichever suits your vibe. Just make sure the item you’re spraying is clean and dry, then follow instructions on the can.

colourful dining in blog 7

To achieve this colourful table setting, we’ve sprayed a mismatched collection of candlesticks and some cola bottles in glossy New Yellow, Orange, April Green, Pink Burst, Bright Red and Exotic Sea. The garden chairs were sprayed with Garden spray paint in Azalea and Surf Green. The clash of colours works really well against the green backdrop of the garden.

colourful dining in blog 5

Using coloured candles to complement the candlesticks adds another pop of colour!

colourful dining in blog 2

For ‘cheap as chips’ table mats, use paper doilies. Apply a couple of fine layers of the spray paint of your choice and allow to dry. Simple! We used Fluorescent Pink and Green for a zingy table setting.

colourful dining in blog 3

Stained Glass spray paint was used on bottles and glass jars to create inexpensive vases and tea light holders. Wrap elastic bands around the bottles before spraying to achieve the stripy pattern.

colourful dining in blog 9

Spray paint on a glass cake stand gets in to all the grooves and highlights the pattern of the glass. An old metal watering can looks pretty sprayed in Cameo Pink and makes a great container for summer blooms.

colourful dining in blog 8

If you prefer pretty pastels, you’ll find several in the PlastiKote Twist & Spray or Chalk spray paint range. Cameo Pink, Baby Blue and Daffodil Twist & Spray have been used on the jugs, cola bottles, tea light holders and cake stand. The cutlery basket is sprayed in Pale Rose Chalk.

If you’re unsure about using spray paint, watch our vlogs for tips on spray painting and inspirational projects (look on the right-hand panel for the vlog category).  This month’s vlog is an instructional video on using Chalk spray paint.

Hopefully, we have inspired you to have a go. Share your projects with us on Facebook or Instagram#plastikoteuk – we’d love to see them.

For more inspiration, check out our YouTube or Pinterest page

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3 - May 19 baskets after featured

How to: add colour to your garden with PlastiKote spray paint

With longer days and warmer weather, people flock to garden centres to stock up on bedding plants and flowers to fill their borders and add colour to outside spaces. With PlastiKote spray paint, you can add instant colour to the garden as well as freshen up tired-looking furniture and recycle all those garden centre plastic pots as well as planters and ornaments. PlastiKote Garden spray paint comes in ten gorgeous colours and can be used on most surfaces, from metal and wood to stone and wicker.

Here’s a simple project to get you started. It’s as easy to use as 1,2,3!

1  Make sure the item you are spraying is clean and dry.

1 - May 19 how to in body

2  Apply several fine layers of PlastiKote Garden spray paint in the colour of your choice (this basket is in Azalea, the other two are Light Blue and Lavender). The instructions are on the back of the can.

2 - May 19 being sprayed

3  Allow to thoroughly harden off (48-72 hours) before putting in the garden.

3a - May 19 baskets after

Have you been inspired but are unsure about using spray paint? Watch our vlog in this issue which shows how we recycled on old pallet to make a colourful plant stand to display pretty spray painted plastic pots. It includes a top tip for spraying pots that are already planted up.

Hopefully, we have inspired you to have a go. Share your ideas with us on Facebook or Instagram#plastikoteuk – we’d love to see them.

For more inspiration, check out our YouTube or Pinterest page


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Top tips: prepping garden furniture for PlastiKote spray paint

After sitting out over the winter, garden furniture can look tired and in need of some TLC to give it a new lease of life ready for the summer.

1 - garden furniture before

Here are some top tips for prepping your garden furniture ready for a PlastiKote spray paint makeover:

2 - use wire brush to remove flakes of rust and old paint

  1. Whether your furniture is metal, wooden or wicker, make sure it’s free of any flakes of old paint and, in the the case of metal furniture, rust. Use wire wool or a wire brush to get rid of any stubborn flakes.

3- clean with a damp cloth

2. Lightly sand the surface to get a good key, then wash with warm, soapy water to remove any dust or dirt. Allow to dry.

3. Set up your spray area with plenty of dust sheets or newspaper. It is preferable to spray paint outdoors on a warm, still day.

4 - Priming with PlastiKote Metal Primer

4. For added durability and greater adhesion, use a suitable PlastiKote Primer.

5 - spraying chair with PlastiKote Garden in Surf Green copy

5. When the Primer is thoroughly dry, use the PlastiKote spray paint of choice and colour, following instructions on the can.

PlastiKote Garden Furniture 10 - Garden Jasmine White and Surf Green copy

6. Our recommended choice of spray paint for garden furniture (wicker, metal or wood) is a PlastiKote Primer, followed by PlastiKote Garden spray paint.

Follow us on Instagram @plastikoteuk for more ideas and projects. And don’t forget to tag us if you make something using PlastiKote spray paint – we love seeing them.

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Garden furniture - Garden Willow Green for blog2

Garden from PlastiKote spray paint

Garden from PlastiKote spray paint has just been announced as a finalist in the Decorating Product of the Year category in the 2019 DIY Week Awards.

Garden Colours Group with DIY Week award logo

PlastiKote Garden is one of the new range of environmentally-friendly  products recently launched. With its water-based formulation and 90% less solvents, Garden spray paint is kinder to the home – and to the environment. Available in ten gorgeous colours, it is both decorative and durable.

garden projects

Easy to use and quick drying, use Garden spray paint to smarten up tired-looking furniture and give it a new lease of life. Use on pots, planters and garden ornaments.  Suitable for wood, metal, plastic, stone and wicker, it is ideal for most outdoor projects.

PlastiKote Garden Accessories 41 - Garden spray paint in Lavender, Azalea and Sea View

Garden is available in a 400ml can with an RRP of £8.22 and is available in the following colours:

PlastiKote Garden colour chart

For more information, call 0031 561 694400 or email

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Top tip: multi-use clothes pegs with PlastiKote spray paint

The humble wooden clothes peg is so useful. We spray ours with leftover PlastiKote spray paint – Fast Dry Enamel, Twist & Spray, Metallic or Chalk will all work well – and use for many a tidy-up job around the house and garden.

top tip 2

Fix above the sink to hold rubber gloves or stick on the fridge door to hold a shopping list.

top tip 3

Spray pegs a different colour for each member of the family and encourage them to keep their wellies upright and together!

seed packets


Keep seed packets tidy whilst helping to keep the tops from opening up and spilling out the seeds from within.

A little make that comes in really handy!

Follow us on Instagram @plastikoteuk for more ideas and projects.

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sbs blog featured 2

How to: garden furniture makeover with PlastiKote spray paint

Recycle, recycle, recycle! That’s our ethos and this garden furniture set shows that we practise what we preach. The beauty of PlastiKote spray paint is not only can it bring something back to life but if you get bored of the colour or need to change the look, you can do so quickly, easily and inexpensively.

sbs before

This garden table and chairs were inherited nine years ago in a sad and sorry state after many years of use. Using PlastiKote Metal Protekt spray paint in Black, it was brought back to its former glory.

sbs black makeover 1

A couple of years later, the set was sprayed this gorgeous red and moved to become a focal point in a leafy spot in the garden.

Plastikote paints

A house move meant the furniture found a new home on a parterre with a colour scheme of white and green planting. The red was too harsh, so Warm Grey was chosen to tone it down.

sbs warm grey makeover 3

With the introduction of PlastiKote’s NEW Garden spray paint, we couldn’t resist the Surf Green and the table and chairs were sprayed to now sit proudly in their new sunny spot overlooking the lawn.

sbs green makeover

If you’re considering spraying your garden furniture, here are some top tips:

  • Make sure the furniture is clean and dry. Use wire wool or a wire brush to clean off any flakes of rust or old paint. Wash with warm soapy water before allowing to dry thoroughly.
  • If you’re back to bare metal or wood in any area on the furniture, we’d definitely recommend using a PlastiKote Primer – Metal Primer if you have rust spots. Even if you’re just covering old paint, after prepping as above, priming will not only ‘kill’ the colour you’re covering and give you a good surface for the top coat, it will also give you added durability.
  • Follow instructions on the can for the best finish.
  • Allow to thoroughly harden off before using.
  • If possible, put garden furniture in a shed or garage over the winter to protect paint from the harsher weather.

For more garden projects, check out our Garden Glory board on Pinterest.

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top tip blog featured

Top tip: Garden Games from PlastiKote spray paint

The school summer holidays can seem endless. Days out can end up costing a fortune but how can you get the children outside and having fun? A can of Garden Games from PlastiKote spray paint could be the answer.

top tip in blog1

Encourage the kids into the garden by marking out a mini football pitch, a tennis court, a hopscotch grid – or make up your own games. A simple grid for skittles or a game of giant noughts and crosses are just a couple of ideas to try.

top tip in blog4

Garden Games can be used on grass or tarmac for marking out temporary play areas and will wash away with rain or water. Perfect for a summer of active fun.

top tip in blog2

And here’s a top tip – use Garden Games when planning a new design in your garden to mark out flower beds or pathways, much easier than using sand or string!

top tip in blog3

Follow us on Instagram @plastikoteuk for more ideas and projects. If you’ve been inspired to create a football pitch or tennis court for your children, take a pic, post it on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us #plastikoteuk. We love seeing your makes.

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mini make featured

Mini makes: recycle wine boxes with PlastiKote spray paint

Wine boxes are too good to end up on the bonfire or landfill. With some easy prep and a couple of coats of PlastiKote spray paint, a wine box can be made into something useful and decorative for the garden.

Give the box a good clean and make sure it’s thoroughly dry before spraying. Being bare wood, we recommend priming the box with Twist & Spray Primer before applying the colour. Make sure the Primer is completely dry before starting to spray the top coat. PlastiKote Garden colours are perfect for these mini makes.

Make a mini herb garden…

blog - in copy

…storage for the potting shed…

Box 3

…or even as display shelves for summer plants.

blog - in copy 3


Follow us on Instagram @plastikoteuk for more ideas and projects. If you’ve been inspired to do a wine box makeover, post it on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us #plastikoteuk. We love seeing your makes.



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