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Mini make: affordable autumn decs with PlastiKote spray paint

As a new season arrives, lifestyle magazines and blogs invite us to change our interiors to complement the time of year. If you’re looking for an affordable way to add some autumnal accents to your home, look no further than a pile of dried leaves and PlastiKote spray paint!

A metallic accent lifts any colour scheme and PlastiKote Fast Dry Enamel comes in Gold Leaf, Copper, Antique Gold, Silver (Chrome), Rose Gold and Brass. Available in 100ml cans, a little goes a long way and using (free) leaves means you won’t break the bank updating your decor.


Mini make 5

So, go for a brisk country walk and collect your leaves. We particularly like the large sycamore leaves. Dry them between a couple of heavy books to get them to lie flat. When ready to spray, prepare your spraying area with cardboard or newspaper and make sure the room is well-ventilated. Spray with your chosen metallic, using fine mists of paint to build the colour. These two images show the depth of colour and shine that is achieved with PlastiKote Metallic spray paints.


Mini make 1

The leaves can be used in all sorts of ways. Welcome your visitors with an autumnal wreath. Using Gold Leaf, Copper and Antique Gold, spray 6 large leaves and allow to dry. When through dry, hot glue to an old wicker wreath. Not just for Autumn, this could be used at Christmas too.

Mini make 6

Cascading sprayed leaves blu-tacked to a wall make an appealing display or they could be hung from a small branch to make a mobile of hanging leaves.

Mini make 4

A colourful garland using Copper and Orange Gloss is a cheerful addition to the home. Our top tip for attaching the leaves to the twine is to cut 15mm lengths of drinking straw and hot gluing to the back of each leaf. Then simply thread on to the twine.

Mini make 3

Looking for a quick and easy Halloween decoration? Use Fast Dry Enamel in White to spray some dried sycamore leaves and allow to dry. Their shape really lends itself to being transformed into spooky ghosts! Draw on a couple of black eyes and use washi tape to stick them on the window.

Mini make 2

Finally, what about place names? Perfect for any time of the year – great for Christmas! – choose large leaves to spray and, when dry, write on your guests’ names.

If you’ve used sprayed leaves for decoration, we’d love to see them. Tag us #plastikoteuk on Instagram @plastikoteuk

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Top tip: PlastiKote spray paint plus Ikea hack equals easy spray painting!

If you use PlastiKote spray paint for painting small home accessories – vases, ornaments, jars and bottles, for example – this is a useful little hack.

Invest in an Ikea Snudda. At around £6, it’s a bargain and can make spray painting even easier and quicker to do. The Snudda is Ikea’s lazy susan, a wooden turntable that is so useful when spray painting small items. It means you don’t have to try and pick up your sprayed item to get to another side, possibly getting paint on your hands or spoiling your paint job – simply turn the table and the unpainted side comes to you!

top tip 1

  1. Keep it clean! Rather than build up layers of paint on your turntable, cover the top with newspaper and using masking tape to secure it underneath. This will make it easy to remove when you’ve finished your project, ready to be recovered for the next.

top tip 2

2.  Place the item to be sprayed in the middle of the turntable.

top tip 3

3.  Start spraying using even strokes and building the colour by slowly rotating the turntable with your free hand.

top tip 4

4.  Leave your project to dry and then apply a second fine layer if needed. Allow to thoroughly dry.

5.  Finally, remove the newspaper and you’re ready for your next project!

Follow us on Instagram @plastikoteuk for more ideas and projects. And don’t forget to tag us if you make something using PlastiKote spray paint – we love seeing them #plastikoteuk.

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Reader project: Metallic changes with PlastiKote spray paint

After the Christmas decorations have been put back in the attic, your house can feel a bit drab and uninspiring. An easy way to inject some colour or introduce a new accent into a colour scheme is to use PlastiKote spray paint.

Instagrammer Kaval, @1st_home_journey, has done just that, not because the house was drab – far from it – but because nothing was the right colour! Kaval explains:

“I recently purchased a property with my partner and needed to furnish the whole house. I kept finding furniture that was perfect but in the wrong colour! This happened repeatedly and I missed out on so many amazing pieces for the house because of it.


Whilst I was walking through The Range one day in search of wallpaper, I discovered PlastiKote! It was the copper coloured spray paint that initially caught my eye as I had been wanting a copper clock for a while.


Once I’d sprayed the clock from silver to copper so easily, I went on a bit of a spray painting frenzy and have ended up with four mirrors, two side tables and a clock that have all been sprayed from their original colour using PlastiKote!


Such a fantastic way to find amazing things for around the house when you know you can change the colour of them for less than a tenner!”


We’re delighted that Kaval has found PlastiKote spray paint and is a convert to the ease and affordability of recycling items around the home.

We really enjoy seeing the diverse mix of ideas and creations using PlastiKote spray paints. If you have a spray paint project you’d like to share with us, email If we feature it on our blog, you’ll get some ‘thank you’ spray paints.

For more information and inspiration from PlastiKote, visit our website here.

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How to: pimp your pine cones with PlastiKote spray paint

Pine cones – they’re free, easy to find and make fabulous festive decorations with the help of PlastiKote spray paint. In their natural state, they complement a woodland-themed tree or table setting but a spritz of spray paint can make them a colourful and glittery addition to your Christmas décor.

cone placenames

A place name holder is not always the first thing you think of when planning your festive meals so this is a great idea for a last minute make. Simply spray cones to match your theme using PlastiKote Fast Dry Enamel spray paint. With many colours to choose from plus some stunning metallics and glitters, one can will be enough to do lots of cones. Go bold with colour or just spritz the tips with white spray paint and silver glitter to give a frosted appearance.


pine cone Chrsitmas tree

If you feel a little more ambitious, these mini cone trees are a cute decoration and could double as place name holders. The mini maché planters and gift box are from Hobbycraft.


pine cone tree

It’s a simple process to make hanging decorations from pine cones. Spray the cones, allow to dry and then screw small eyelets into the top of the cone. Hang on twigs and branches for an alternative Christmas tree – you could spray the twigs as well.


4b wreath after

An easy way to upcycle an old wreath is to spray it with a colour to suit your décor. Whilst it dries, spray some pine cones in the same colour or perhaps a metallic and when everything is dry, hot glue the cones to the wreath.


pastel cones

If your theme is pastels this Christmas, this may be the choice for you. These have been sprayed with PlastiKote Chalk spray paint.  Add a layer of Translucent Glitter spray paint to pimp them up for the festive season.


It really is so easy to do. Just make sure the pines cones are dry before applying the spray paint of your choice and follow the instructions on the can. Simple!

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to have a go. Share your ideas with us on Facebook or Instagram #plastikoteuk – we’d love to see them.

For more inspiration, check out our ideas on Pinterest page.

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How to: candlestick updates with PlastiKote spray paint

Candlesticks have always been one of our favourite spray projects as it is so quick and easy to change the look with PlastiKote spray paint. As the seasons change, so do our candlesticks! At this time of year, look at what you have and think about updating your collection for the festive season. Ring the changes again in Spring with brighter, sunnier hues.

how to candle 2We gathered this selection and gave them a makeover with Metallic Silver and Twist & Spray White Satin spray paints. These colours work well throughout the year, not only at Christmas.

how to candle 6

These two images show the candelabra before it was sprayed with Metallic Silver for the first pic above. Using up left-over Fast Dry Enamel spray paint, the multi-coloured candelabra looked fab on a summer dining table. Toned down with Twist & Spray Matt Black, the candelabra adds a certain elegance to the black and white themed dining table.

how to featured

If a shiny metallic finish is not your thing, try Metallic Brushed Nickel spray paint which has a flat silver finish. Spraying a collection of candlesticks one colour brings cohesion to an otherwise mismatched grouping.

how to candle 3

This collection of slim stemmed pretties has been sprayed with various colours from the Fast Dry Enamel spray paint range. The coloured candles complement their holders

It really is so easy to do. Just make sure the candlesticks are clean and dry before applying the spray paint of your choice and follow the instructions on the can. Simple!

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to have a go. Share your ideas with us on Facebook or Instagram #plastikoteuk – we’d love to see them.

For more inspiration, check out our ideas on Pinterest page.

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featured reader proj

Reader project: metallic table upcycle with PlastiKote spray paint

Who doesn’t love finding a bargain in a charity shop and knowing you can transform it into that perfect piece for your home?

Instagrammer Hayley loves upcycling and crafting – and colour! Her feed is awash with colour but we love this upcycled table. Read on to find out a little bit more about Hayley and how she transformed her table:

table before

“I’m a 37 year old mum of two children who likes to upcycle unloved items as a hobby for my own home interior. I find items at the charity shop, car boot sales and even at the local tip. I’m a big believer of recycling old items rather than buying new and with a little bit of care and creative ideas any item can be made lovely again.


table after1


This little table was a £3 charity shop buy. I used Plastikote Metallic copper spray.




I also used it on some cheap terracotta plant pots as well.”


table after2



We think this is a stunning makeover. If you want to see more of Hayley’s project, visit her Instagram page here.

For more information on PlastiKote spray paint visit our website.

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Comp main pic 1

Competition: Win a £50 gift card from The Range with PlastiKote spray paint

Win a £50 gift card from The Range with PlastiKote spray paint in our April competition! And if you want to know more about PlastiKote spray paint visit our website here.

We love a metallic accent around the home and it’s so quick and easy to achieve with Metallic from PlastiKote spray paint. Spray a vase, frame or lamp stand with one of the gorgeous metallic colours from the PlastiKote spray paint range.  We’ve chosen three of our favourite metallic finishes – but which is your favourite? The winner will be chosen at random from all entries.

comp pic with letters

To enter this month’s competition, just email us the name of your favourite Metallic from A: Copper B: Rose Gold and C: Silver together with your name, address and phone number to and put APR COMP as the subject. We’ll pick one lucky winner at random after the closing date of 30th April. Good luck!

We run a competition every month, so do sign up to our newsletter to make sure you are in with a chance to win.

Thank you to everyone for entering our March competition.  Our congratulations to  Georgia McAllister from Whitehaven who chose C – the Easter project below.

comp Easter 95

For the terms and conditions of our April competition, click here.

Want to know more about PlastiKote Metallic spray paint? Visit our website here for more information and lots of inspirational project ideas!

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