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Reader project: Naomi gets crafty with PlastiKote spray paint

Naomi (@gnowme) got in touch to show us her crafty make for a back to school project. She is a teacher and wanted to organise her resources into the days that she needed them. The box files she had were a bit boring so here she explains how she came to use PlastiKote spray paint for the first time and what she thinks of it!
“I haven’t used Plastikote before but I noticed it in the shop when looking for a tin of paint. I would have also needed to buy brushes to go with the paint so I decided a couple of cans of Plastikote would be better value for money and more fun to use!
reader project in blog 0a
To test the paint, I sprayed an empty glass moisturiser pot to make a little paperclip pot for my desk – the finish was perfectly smooth and glossy after just one coat of the spray.
reader project in blog 0
When starting the files, I found that the first 2 layers were absorbed into the wood very quickly but by the third layer, the surface started to look and feel nice and smooth (I’ve since learnt that it is best to prime bare wood to stop the colour soaking in!).
reader project in blog 2
Next, I used a permanent marker pen to bubble write the days of the week and decorate. To finish, I glued little lino printed paper stars on to decorate and I sprayed the folders with a clear glossy Plastikote to fix the pen and paper stars and give the files an even smoother finish.
reader project in blog 3
I was impressed with how easy it was to get a smooth finish and the coverage was super – nice and even with no gaps anywhere. They were not messy at all and dried very quickly without a lingering paint smell.”
It seems we have another fan and hope Naomi enjoys using her ‘thank you’ gift for sharing her project with us – some more PlastiKote spray paints!
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Reader project: amazing upcycles with PlastiKote spray paint

Jack is a big fan of PlastiKote spray paint, using it for many of his wonderful upcycled projects. Based on the south coast, he loves upcycling – it’s his hobby and passion. He told us:

“I’m Jack from @south.66 (we use Instagram as our platform to reach the masses) and our mission is to recycle, upcycle and become more self-sufficient. The waste we create has to stop. We are also big fans of hand-made individuality. Not mass production of the same old tat. Simply, if you need something, make it. Get the kids involved and make making fun. Put your stamp on something.

Reader project in copy 3

Now when it comes to making, time is of the essence and I need a quality product. PlastiKote ticks all the boxes, offers a perfect finish, easy spray technology is brilliant and makes painting mess free. Drying time is quick too.

Reader project in copy 2

Recently I needed a sandwich board and it’s not something you see on the high street so thought ‘let’s make one!’. I already had a can of PlastiKote Chalkboard spray paint (see the full make process @south.66 on Instagram) so I made the frame and then sprayed the main body with the Chalkboard. Three coats later, we had our board made all from recycled pallet wood. Cost was pennies.”

Reader project in copy 1


If you’d like to see more of Jack’s projects, click here to visit his Instagram page.

For more information on PlastiKote spray paint visit our website.

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Reader project: glass top table makeover with PlastiKote spray paint

This month, Instagrammer Frankie shares her clever makeover of an old glass top table using PlastiKote spray paint and some on-trend terrazzo patterned sticky back plastic. It’s not something we’ve ever tried but it looks fabulous and is a great way of dealing with a dated glass top table.

Read about Frankie’s love for interior design and her garden table makeover:

“I have always had an interest in home interiors. As a child, I used to love sitting down with my mum to watch ‘Changing Rooms’ once a week and I would spend ages afterwards drawing out my own home makeover designs. Now, as a 29 year old mum of 3 having recently purchased my own home, I am at last able to put my home decor ideas into action and I have to admit it’s become a bit of an obsession! I have a mix of new and upcycled items in my home and, whilst it’s fun to buy brand new, nothing can beat the feeling of accomplishment that comes with taking something old and turning it into something unique and fabulous!

reader project - in copy

I have had this garden table and chairs set for almost 10 years, lugging it with me from house to house. It had started to look very tired and dated but rather than take it to the tip, I decided to give it a makeover.

reader project - in copy 2

I used Plastikote Chalk spray paint in Pale Rose (such a beautiful colour) to paint all the metal parts, then covered the table top with terrazzo effect sticky back plastic.

It was so easy to do but so effective! It’s like having a whole new set for a fraction of the price.”

If you’d like to see more of Frankie’s interior projects, click here to visit her Instagram page or here to read her blog.

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Reader project: metallic table upcycle with PlastiKote spray paint

Who doesn’t love finding a bargain in a charity shop and knowing you can transform it into that perfect piece for your home?

Instagrammer Hayley loves upcycling and crafting – and colour! Her feed is awash with colour but we love this upcycled table. Read on to find out a little bit more about Hayley and how she transformed her table:

table before

“I’m a 37 year old mum of two children who likes to upcycle unloved items as a hobby for my own home interior. I find items at the charity shop, car boot sales and even at the local tip. I’m a big believer of recycling old items rather than buying new and with a little bit of care and creative ideas any item can be made lovely again.


table after1


This little table was a £3 charity shop buy. I used Plastikote Metallic copper spray.




I also used it on some cheap terracotta plant pots as well.”


table after2



We think this is a stunning makeover. If you want to see more of Hayley’s project, visit her Instagram page here.

For more information on PlastiKote spray paint visit our website.

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Featured coasters

Instagrammer project: experimenting with PlastiKote spray paint

We love finding different uses for PlastiKote spray paint but have never come across a different way of applying it. It’s a spray paint, right? Well, not always. Instagrammer Cara made these fabulous coaster from concrete and spray paint to decorate them – but not by spraying them!

Coasters 'splashed' with PlastiKote Metallic in Rose Gold
Coasters ‘splashed’ with PlastiKote Metallic in Rose Gold

To get the splash effect, she sprayed a small amount of spray paint on to her gloved hand (a disposable plastic glove) and flicked the paint over the coaster. it’s created this random pattern and we love it!

Coasters 'splashed' with PlastiKote Twist & Spray Colour in white
Coasters ‘splashed’ with PlastiKote Twist & Spray Colour in white

A fan of spray paint, Cara has used it in several of her tutorials. These glass jar tealight holders particularly caught our eye – so pretty.

Glass jars sprayed with Glass Frosting
Glass jars sprayed with Glass Frosting

Cara works professionally in the Art Department for film and TV. In her spare time, she is the sole creator at ‘cynchmakes’ where she loves to create DIY ideas and tutorials to share online. Find her YouTube tutorials here @cynchmakes.

For more information on PlastiKote spray paint visit our website.

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Copy of @patirobins T&S Orange Dressing Table copy

Instagrammer project: be bold with PlastiKote spray paint colours

We tend to stick to using colours that we know and that are ‘safe’. However, that might all be changing since we found @patirobins on Instagram! Pati’s bold use of colour against dark backdrops has inspired us to experiment. Here’s what Pati has to say about her style:

“I am a Polish maximalist and serial eBayer, living in UK for past 12 years. I love colours and changing things around but sadly budget does not always match to what I want to achieve.


Copy of @patirobins T&S Orange Frame


Over the years I have managed to source some beautiful secondhand  accessories and furniture from places like ebay , gumtree , charity shops, freebie sites and from family and friends. I always look beyond the colour of the item I find as this can easily be changed with PlastiKote spray paint.  I have always used this brand, I swear by it . It is also a great way to renew your existing pieces without spending much as well saving them from going into landfill. You can spray just about anything. My mirror in the hallway over the years has been painted all the colours of the rainbow – it breathed a new lease of life into something I had fallen out of love with.


Copy of @patirobins T&S Red Lamp Base copy


Colour can transform any space  – and if you want to add pops of colour, you can spray anything from lampshades ( providing you use led light bulbs that don’t get hot) to candlestick holders. Pop a few coloured pieces here and there and watch the space come alive. When you get bored, grab another can of PlastiKote and get spraying!


Copy of @patirobins T&S Orange Dressing Table copy


If you want a fuss-free furniture upcycle project, you can use a standard PlastiKote spray or one of their new Chalk range – which gives that perfect chalky finish in a flash! The same goes to your appliances –  rather than trying to achieve a professional streak-free finish with a brush (that you know is impossible), you could use a special  appliance  spray paint   I have used it in the past and loved the result.”

I think we can safely say, Pati is a fan! And we’re a fan of hers, inspiring us to be brave with colour! Pati can be found on Instagram @patirobins or on the website,, where the aim is ‘to squeeze more style into small spaces’.

For more information on PlastiKote spray paint visit our website.

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Blogger project: with Melanie Lissack and PlastiKote spray paint

Melanie Lissack, an award winning interiors blogger, is a long time user of PlastiKote spray paint and we are delighted to be able to feature one of her recent projects. And not just any project – this gold mesh noticeboard has just been shortlisted in the Pinterest Interior Awards category for Best Workspace Idea!

Melanie Lissack is more than an interiors blogger, she’s also a designer and decorator.  Her interior style is feminine but with a contemporary angle and she was named by Ideal Home as one of London’s best interior bloggers. Her blog Melanie Lissack Interiors aims to help you make the most of your home through budget-busting buys and DIY tricks.  You can find her blog here.

Her stylish noticeboard, made with a grid wall mesh panel and PlastiKote spray paint, would look fantastic in any home. Melanie told us:

“I’m currently re-vamping our home office as it had turned into a complete disaster area. The home office had belonged to my husband until this blog came along, then unfortunately for him I intruded on this room as well. One of the problems I caused was that I had paint charts and fabric samples strewn everywhere, and whenever I needed to find one of these quickly, it was in a pile somewhere either on the floor or on the desk.

I needed a notice board where I could pin all these often required bits and pieces. I could see that a grid wall mesh panel (which are used as part of shop fittings) would provide the strong metal structure that I needed for my office memo board.

I visited a number of DIY and building warehouses and stores, but found the best way to purchase a grid wall mesh panel was on Ebay. I purchased a 5ft x 2ft chrome panel for £6 (plus £6 postage). If you are savvy, you can get old grid wall panels for next to nothing – after shop clear outs or shut downs these panels often end up in the skip!



grid wire mesh

I used PlastiKote spray paint’s Metal Primer and Brilliant Metallic in Gold to transform the wire mesh and I am so pleased with my memo board! It was really cheap and easy to make.”

You can find out more about this project by visiting Melanie’s blog here. Melanie, we love it!

full pic of desk area

For more information on PlastiKote spray paint visit our website.





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chair pic instagrammer

Instagrammer project: using Chalk from PlastiKote spray paint

We were thrilled to hear from Instagrammer Rosie from Rosie Renovations about her experiments with our new products Chalk and Leaf. Her fabulous makeover of a dining chair is inspirational! Read on to find out how Rosie created this unique and stylish chair. You can find out more about PlastiKote spray paint here.


dining chair instagram


“I was so excited to try out these new spray chalk paints! I had been given this chair by a lovely friend and kept it for a while waiting for the perfect idea to come along, when I saw the colour options available in these paints I knew it. I went for a dipped leg style using Dark Hessian for the legs and Old Hessian for the body of the chair. This chair was pretty old so to be safe I gave the whole piece a coat of primer. After some careful masking of the different sections and a good shake of the can, application was so easy, smooth and quick. The paint is easily wipeable with soapy water within a few minutes if you do make a little mistake, great!


Spraying outside on a sunny and still day allowed the paint to dry pretty quickly. One coat was perfect then I started having some fun with the Silver Leaf spray. A single spray provided a gorgeous shimmer layer over the Old Hessian – a finish I’ve never created before.  I’m so pleased with the results and a spray  paint that really makes projects quick and easy. Thank you PlastiKote – I love it!”


instragram leg


Click here to find out more about Rosie’s other projects. If you want to know more about Chalk and Leaf visit the PlastiKote website here. You can also head over to our Pinterest pages and find out what else you can do with Chalk.



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Instagrammer project: upcycling with Chalk and @Lanni_x

It seems our hot new product Chalk spray paint is quite a hit with the interior design world – and it was great to find instagrammer Lanni illustrating it on her stylish and inspirational Instagram page @lanni_x.

Lanni is a wife and mum of two from Manchester. She brings her style and flair to her work as a hairdresser but by far her biggest passion is interiors. She told us:

“I love nothing more than finding my next project to do around the house, especially upcycling old furniture. I find it saves so much money which is great when you have a family and house to run. I started my interior Instagram page about a year ago and since then I have done many diy projects which I often share on my page @lanni_x. My absolute favourites to date are my ones using Plastikote.  Mainly because it’s so simple to use, very quick and easy to apply and so effective that it can totally change the look of something.”

Lanni upcycled an old gold mirror using our new Chalk spray paint in vintage white.


The gold mirror before

The gold mirror before


It now makes an elegant  statement in her home. We love how Lanni brings light and style into her interiors.


The mirror sprayed with Chalk spray paint in Vintage White

The mirror sprayed with Chalk spray paint in Vintage White


Here’s a couple of Lanni’s projects – we urge you to visit her Instagram page and find out more! Click here.


instagram coffee table



instagram other projects 2

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Christmas with The Old Haberdashery and PlastiKote spray paint

The Old Haberdashery in Ticehurst, East Sussex is one of our favourite shops and we were very taken with its gorgeous Christmas window display this year. We had an idea the owner might have used spray paint as part of the creative process so we just had to pay a visit to find out more…


The OHD interior


Sonia, the owner, set up The Old Haberdashery six years ago and uses the space to showcase her passion for vintage, making and craft. We asked her to tell us more about her Christmas window display…

“Coming from a textile and photography background, I love to play with colour and texture in our visual displays. The annual Christmas window has to stop people in their tracks! This year, I used various PlastiKote spray paints to help me create a vintage eastern European folk theme.

PlastiKote spray paints are so easy to use and the effects you can create change something ordinary like a branch or seed head into something magical.

I layered copper with a covering of gold glitter on seed heads and silver and silver glitter as a highlight on hazel branches which still had their leaves and catkins attached. Great if you don’t want to go down the whole greenery route but want a bit of drama and something different. The spray paints really catch the light too and if you are pushed for time, they offer a quick and easy make!”


aliums TOH


If you want to know more about The Old Haberdashery go to, visit the shop in Ticehurst or check out its Instagram page.

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